Five Advantages of Cruise Vacations

| 09.24.12

Here are several advantages Cruises offer over typical vacations that you probably never heard before.

Most people who try a cruise are surprised by how much it offers

There is probably no nation on earth where the concept of the "family vacation" is more codified and traditional than the United States. The reason is this is the only major developed nation where the average amount of vacation time given by employers each year is just two weeks, whereas in Europe the average is six weeks. This short amount of time granted to mom and dad to be away from work makes it more important to Americans than ever to gather up everyone in the family to spend time together.

But family vacations have changed in the last few generations. Back in the 1970s the family would all get in the family car and drive to a destination together; a beach house, national park or the home of relatives. But since the growth of Disneyland-like destinations, vacations have been transformed from time spent visiting friends and family to more time at places that provide fun organized diversions, for the young and young at heart.

The Best Family Vacation

Although family vacations have changed, the short amount of time offered remains the same, so the goals of American family vacations also remain the same.

  1. Seeing new places: Travel to new and interesting places is always one of the more attractive aspects of any vacation. Most people like to experience sights, tastes and smells of places they have never seen before. Travel makes life richer and expends your life experience; improving your life perspective.
  2. Trying new activities: Everyone likes to try new things although the level activity level varies by age. Young people want to try surfing, rock climbing, zip-lining, SCUBA, etc. For older people the opportunity to see wildlife and natural beauty is appealing.
  3. Time to relax: time to just enjoy reading a book, catching up on movies, chatting with friends and families.
  4. Interesting and delicious food: Good food always adds to the better memories of a vacation, and it is even better if no one in the family has to prepare it.
  5. A reasonable price: Careful value planning for your vacation dollars makes all the difference in the quality of your vacation.

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Cruises: the Best Vacation Value

As a method for an entire family to travel together, to see and try new things, to eat great food and have time to relax all at a very reasonable price, I can't think of a better vacation option than a cruise. And here are the five top reasons why...

  1. Effortless Travel to Multiple Destinations: Once you enter your stateroom you only have to unpack once, but you travel to a variety of destinations. You can sail from Barcelona to Istanbul with no personal effort at all, waking up in a new place every morning and all you have to do is enjoy the ship's food, fun and accomodations.
  2. Fun Activities: But aren't you "stuck on the ship" and doesn't it get "boring?" Today's cruise ships are never boring. Here is just a partial list of activities you can find aboard modern cruise ships: rock-climbing, zip-lining, bowling, roller-blading, simulated surfing, ice skating, goofy golf, video games, first-run movies, wine tastings, live Broadway shows, live music, disco dancing and more. Once you get to ports of call you can add in SCUBA, snorkeling, water skiing, horseback riding, hiking and of course sightseeing and shopping.
  3. Time to Relax: A cruise also offers plenty of relaxation time in your private stateroom, with a balcony in most cases, to read, watch movies and take a long bath and nap. You can also get spa treatments, work out in the fitness centers, read in the library, take classes in cooking, lifestyle, arts, computer tips, music, languages and more.
  4. New and Delicious New Food: Gourmet cuisine is also on tap on the majority of cruise ships. Many ships have literally dozens of food venues. You can select from a wide variety of food for every meal of the cruise; Brazilian, French, Italian, Mexican, sushi, barbecue and other great American food. The restaurants also offer first-class waiter service in the finest dining rooms - and it is all included in the cruise fare.
  5. Vacation Value: But the best thing about cruising is the value. Cruises are mostly inclusive for your meals, entertainment and transportation to exotic ports of call. You will already know what your basic vacation will cost long before you go. Of course, there will be additional optional things to buy if you choose along the way such as shore tours, special gourmet food, spa treatments and special classes or activities onboard.

Summing Up the Cruise Advantage

Typical multiple destination travel requires a tremendous amount of time and effort just to follow the itinerary.

Europe travel typically involves many hours traveling by train or coach and packing and unpacking your suitcase daily in different hotel rooms. While you travel you sit in an upright chair where you cannot relax or take your eyes off of your luggage. With every meal, which you have to pay for separately, you take a chance on whether you will have quality food at a reasonable price.

Aboard a cruise ship your stateroom is the base for your entire voyage; no lugging or packing and unpacking luggage. You are assured of fun activities and entertainment, included in the cruise fare, around the clock. Once onboard your sole budgetary concern is what you want to add to your vacation. You are not burdened with budgeting or keeping money back for basic travel, food and rooming expenses.

Best of all - cruise ships offer something for everyone in the family. Kids can go to supervised activities so parents to have time for themselves. If anyone in your group doesn't feel like doing any given activity you still know they will be safe - and where to find them for dinner.

All-in-all a family cannot find a more convenient way to travel together, and at a value price. And here is one last tip; if you can find a way to drive your family to the cruise (and there are cruises sailing out of most major US ports this year) then you can save even more money.

How do you feel about the value equation of cruises? Tell us here: Cruise Value

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