Last Minute Celebrity Cruise Deals

| 08.07.12

Every Tuesday Celebrity updates its slate of best cruise deals for that week - let's go bargain hunting!

Michael BayleyIf you follow the cruise business you already know that Dan Hanrahan, the former CEO and president of Celebrity Cruises, left the company for a new position at a company not related to the cruise industry at all. He is now the president of Regis Corp. which owns a number of budget hair salons nationwide. This move is in keeping with Dan's career -- he came to (parent company) Royal Caribbean from non-cruise-related businesses like Polaroid, Reebok and Nestles Foods.

The new president of Celebrity is Michael Bayley, who was promoted from within the ranks of Royal Caribbean where he has served for 30 years already overseeing "operations" at the company as well as spearheading "international expansion." Obviously, Bayley's experience varies from Hanrahan's in the sense than Dan had the ability to look at cruising from an outsider's perspective while Michael sees cruising from the inside looking out.

Bayley's career at Royal Caribbean has spanned a number of different positions including time aboard the ships as a hotel manager, working shoreside in fleet-wide purchasing and crew acquisition and time in the U.K. managing Island Cruises. Later, (late 1990s during the Radiance and Voyager class introductions) as the senior vice president of hotel operations for Royal Caribbean he gave more control to individual ship-based hotel managers.

In recent years, Bayley has been expanding Royal Caribbean's sales to international markets, meeting his target of over 50% of sales coming from outside the U.S. So, while Dan Hanrahan was very popular with the general public, Michael Bayley has a deeper and wider range of experience within the cruise industry.

What does this mean to you, the consumer? Because planning itineraries takes time, and brochures get printed about 18 months in advance, it may take some time before we see large-scale changes at Celebrity, but some aspects of the onboard experience, loyalty programs, dining and pricing could begin changing any time now.

I don't know if it is Bayley's handiwork, but here are a few bargains on last-minute cruises from Celebrity.

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New Celebrity Cruise Bargains

I just received notice on a slate of very nice Celebrity cruise deals. The deals page shows cruises to Alaska, Bermuda, West Coast Wine Country (San Francisco to Vancouver) and the Panama Canal. But at the top of the page are the best words of all "Make sure you check back on Tuesday, remember these offers disappear fast." Tuesday is the day they announce the new cruise deals.

Now - it's important to note that while Celebrity also has other bargains going right now - these are the specific "last minute bargains" they chose to highlight this week. So, while other Celebrity specials may on tap for awhile, these are more limited opportunities.

Roundtrip cruises to Alaska from Seattle and Vancouver have been very popular this year, and I know a number of people who have taken Celebrity Alaska cruises already this year. But the best deals are to be found on cruises that sail to Alaska and end there so that you must fly home from the Great North. But with the cruise fares being lower, the airfare is more feasible, and you see a lot more of Alaska when you don't have to turn around and head home on day five.

Celebrity Alaska Cruises

The Aug. 24 Alaska cruise sails roundtrip from Seattle and starts at $799 inside, $1249 oceanview, $1649 veranda and $1749 concierge-class on Celebrity Infinity.

The Sept. 2 Alaska cruise on the oldest Celebrity Century sails roundtrip from Vancouver and has a slightly better price starting at $799 inside, $1249 oceanview, $1449 veranda and $1479 concierge-class on.

But here is where the prices get much better:

The Aug. 31st Southbound Alaska Cruise on Celebrity Millennium from Seward to Vancouver starts at just $499 inside, $699 ocean view, $1549 veranda and $2249 Aqua Class. This cruise sails and visits Hubbard Glacier, Juneau, Skagway, Icy Strait Point, Ketchikan and down the inside passage to Vancouver.

Celebrity Bermuda Cruise

Celebrity Summit is sailing from Bayonne, NJ, (the New York City harbor area) on seven day cruises to King's Wharf, Bermuda. The Aug 26 cruise is $779 inside, $849 ocean view, $1149 veranda and $1199 Concierge Class.

West Coast Wine Country Cruises

As the Celebrity ships reposition from Alaska back to the Caribbean you will have a rare opportunity to cruise to several Pacific Northwest and California ports of call. These cruises used to be disallowed due to the Jones Act (and PVSA) until the U.S. Cruise Ship Tourism Development Act of 1999 was introduced by Senator John McCain.

You can sail on Millennium from Vancouver to Nanaimo, BC; Victoria, BC; San Francisco, Monterey and disembark in San Diego. This eight-day cruise starts at just $599 inside, $799 oceanview, $1399 veranda, $1499 Concierge Class. This cruise sails Sept. 14.

You can take a 10-day Wine Cruise on Celebrity Century from Vancouver to Nanaimo, BC; Victoria, BC; Seattle, San Francisco, Monterrey, Catalina Island and end in San Diego; starting at just $699 inside, $899 ocean view, $1749 veranda and $1849 Concierge Class. This cruise sails Sept. 15.

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Panama Canal Celebrity Deals

You can take a 15-night Westbound Panama Canal cruise on Celebrity Infinity sailing October 8th starting at just $999 (inside) from Ft Lauderdale to Cartagena (Columbia), Colon (Panama), Costa Rica, Guatemala, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and ending in San Diego. Oceanview is $1199, Veranda is $1899 and Aqua Class is $2099.

Surprisingly, the Sept. 21 Eastbound trip on the same ship is $1579 for inside cabins, but the ocean view is $1099, veranda is $1799 and Concierge Class is $1649. Sometimes you never know where you might find a bargain - but why would anyone book an inside cabin when a Concierge Class is only $70 more?

The Oct. 7 westbound Millennium 15-night Panama Canal cruise is also a bargain: $869 inside, $1149 oceanview, $1499 veranda and $1579 Concierge.

More Celebrity Bargains Coming.

I highly recommend subscribing to the cruise line newsletters too see when different cruise sales pop up. You never know when a bargain might arrive and being flexible is the best way to cruise the world at the cheapest prices.

Are you aware of any great cruise bargains? Tell us here: Cruise Deals Forum

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