The RSVP Experience, is it for You?

All gay and lesbian vacations. For real? Fifteen years ago RSVP introduced that concept. Says their cruise magazine, "We wanted�the freedom to be ourselves�stroll hand in hand with our lovers, our friends, and our self-defined families." RSVP has stayed true to that concept ever since, and if that's what you like to do, the RSVP experience may be for you.

The typical RSVP cruise event has a few straight guests traveling with their gay friends or family"they are very welcome," says RSVP. More men than women travel with RSVP, but more women are learning that RSVP is not "just for men" and is not just an alternative for women. Male guests are usually 50% single and 50% couples. Guests' ages vary widely, though the average age is about 35, much younger than typical cruise passengers.

RSVP tries to embrace a diverse crowd. It works hard for "�the persnickety, the laid back, dance divas, book worms, the young and young at heart, lovers of life, politicos, movers and shakers, wallflowers, party boyz 'n girlz, the retired and wet behind the ears, the romantic, the pragmatic, the spirited, the pagan, the healthy, the healing, the fit and the challenged, the communal, the independent, the contemplative and the thirsty for life."

As leader in the gay cruise market, RSVP boasts of well over 200 full ship charters over the past 15 years. There must be lots of RSVP devotees! And the list grows. Looks like Holland America, Carnival, and the Royal Clipper are a few of the new millennium's cruise selections. Among the cruises ahead are the Tropical Caribbean, the Deep Caribbean, the Mayan Sun Cruise, and the Spanish & French Riviera.

The RSVP website says, "RSVP creates an atmosphere where differences become insignificant, and camaraderie prevails." Maybe one could say RSVP creates an atmosphere to celebrate differences. If this appeals, check out their web site at for cruise dates and ships. RSVP updates it's web site daily.

RSVP cruises are booked exclusively through travel agents. If you want to know more, ask your travel agent to see a video of one of RSVP's vacations. It might just be your cup of sea!

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