Seattle The Emerald City at Your Feet

The next time you are on an Alaskan tour starting in Seattle, I would suggest at least two days to take in all this beautiful city has to offer the "family" traveler.

The first thing you want to get a hold of upon arrival into Seattle is a copy of the "Seattle Gay News" this publication has the most extensive listing of gay and lesbian activities in the Pacific Northwest. There are no "bar rags" in Seattle, so this is your best source for current happenings at the bars in town.

You will want to spend most of your time in Seattle's Castro district know as "Capitol Hill" here there is a wealth of shopping and other "family" activities sure to suit anyone's interest. Seattle is a very gay and lesbian friendly city so if you want to venture out to the tourists areas like the Space Needle and Space Needle Restaurant, you will be safe. Another place to be sure to see is the fishing area/market known locally as Pike Place. Here you can be sure to get the catch of the day fresh off the boat!!

Nightlife in Seattle is as varied as the city itself, there are a few very hot disco/dance clubs in the city that are gay and lesbian I am told "" at 925 E Pike street is a great club with the best music in town. Seattle's largest gay and lesbian dance club is "Neighbors" at 1509 Broadway; it is a very high-energy club that caters to a slightly younger crowd. There is another bar that during the week is a country music bar but on Sundays has a "tea dance" disco that has been legendary for years on the Seattle scene. It is called "Timberline Tavern" it is located at 2015 Boren Avenue. All of the above-mentioned bars are just a short walk away from the "Capitol Hill" Area and its main street of Broadway.

Ladies, be sure to check out the "Wildrose" at 1021 E. Pike Street this is Seattle's most popular lesbian bar, also Seattle's newest gay bar "Spintron" located at 916 E Pike Street features it's "Girl Twirl" nights every Thursday night.

As you know Seattle is famous for it's many coffeehouses, you can get a great cup of joe almost anywhere in the "Emerald City" most of the coffeehouses are very gay friendly.

There are some great bed and breakfasts in Seattle for you to stay, these are always so much nicer than the big chain hotels and many cater specifically to gay/lesbian clientele. I would recommend the following two as a place to start: "Bed and Breakfast On Broadway" at 772 Broadway Avenue E (206) 329-8933 and "The Gaslight Inn" located at 1727 15th Avenue, they feature an awesome continental breakfast and a seasonally heated pool.

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