How to Charter a Yacht

| 10.07.12

A self-charterd yacht can provide a cruise where the program is completely up to you

Modern yachts are plush and hi-tech

Why fight the crowds on a cruise ship when you could lounge around on the deck of your own private yacht? Vacationers who want to enjoy a cruise experience but prefer a more intimate, private setting will no doubt discover that a luxury sailing vacation offers them the ideal compromise.

Sailing Locations

Possible locations for sailing vacations literally span the entire globe. From the Caribbean to the Far East, from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean and from the South Pacific to North America, it is easy to find a sailing destination that suits your personal tastes and interests.

Whether you enjoy scuba diving in deep waters, snorkeling around coral reefs, sunning on pristine beaches or exploring historical sites, search for a destination that offers you plenty of choices in your desired activities.

Sailing Vacation Yachts

Chartering companies offer customers a wide range of yacht styles, including cruising yachts, catamarans, racing yachts and classic yachts. Boats in those categories come in various sizes and, therefore, charter prices.

One popular charter company called Bareboat Charter prides itself on renting out only the newest yachts built by the most reputable shipbuilders. This company allows customers to choose their rental boat according to how long the yacht has been used in charter service.

Customers can choose to rent an Exclusive Plus yacht, which is guaranteed to have been used for just 6 months or less, or opt for an Exclusive yacht, which will not have been used in service for any longer than 2 years.

Bareboat Charter also offers customers the option of renting a slightly older boat from their Club yachts category. These Club yachts have been meticulously maintained throughout their three to five years of use.

Call the charter companies in your area to obtain price estimates. Knowledgeable charter company staff members can also help you determine what size and style of yacht will work best for your upcoming sailing vacations.

Sailing Vacation Perks

Taking a sailing vacation comes with a whole bunch of benefits. Instead of staying at an overpriced beach resort with its overcrowded beaches, you can cruise your yacht down various coastlines and have the gorgeous ocean views and beaches all to yourself.

Vacationers who have no sailing experience but would love to enjoy a private cruise can still enjoy vacationing on a private yacht. Fortunately, most charter companies offer the service of professional crews to help sail and maintain the yachts.

Many luxury yacht rentals also include the services of a gourmet chef. Instead of spending time in crowded restaurants, you can enjoy a private, scrumptious meal on the deck with that special someone. What could be more romantic?


When you are searching to rent a yacht from a charter company, only consider the companies with stellar reputations. Look at the companies that offer trips to locations that meet your personal tastes and offer activities that you and your guests will enjoy.


Peter Smith is an avid sailor who is always planning out the details for upcoming sailing vacations. For his next water adventure, Mr. Smith plans to take advantage of the great rates offered by the Barefoot Charter company. Mr. Smith writes regularly for a variety of travel websites, scuba diving blogs and sailing sites.

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