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| Tuesday, 05 Mar. 2013
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CruiseMates wants articles about anything cruise-related, as long as it is of interest to our readers. This is not the section for "cruise reviews," - if you want to submit one of those please go here. What we are looking for here are feature articles by aspiring travel writers who want to show us their style.

Hopefully, your article is about a common cruise topic, not just a travelogue on how you planned or spent your last cruise. Let's be honest, telling us what you ate for lunch or when you took a nap is boring. But if you had an incident with a staff member or another guest that was interesting, that is a good start.

Or maybe you have recommendations for packing, or planning a cruise. Maybe you recently did a family reunion and you want to tell us how hard it is. Other related topics are also acceptable; Air transport, baggage handlers, hotels in port cities. Hopefully you have something to say to the world of cruise enthusiasts that will make their lives better, or at least brighten their day.

Rules & Recommendations



  • Keep your article simple. Avoid including too many personal facts or figures about yourself, the ship or the ports just makes it boring - stick to your topic.
  • Please summit article in Plain Text Only! We request that you create your article with no formatting other than paragraphs. Double space the paragraphs where you want breaks (do not indent). Please "Copy and Paste" your finished document into the article box in the form below. All articles are converted to standard ASCII text when submitted, so don't waste time creating exotic fonts, indenting, or submit the article in HTML or with HTML code embedded. The embedded code has to be manually removed to make it compatible with our format.
  • Put in a Title at the top of the article.
  • CruiseMates reserves the right to edit, publish in whole or part, in any media, any article submitted by this form. The author shall receive credit by the name inserted above in the form field "written by". By clicking the button below you assert that you are the original author, and you indemnify CruiseMates from financial compensation for publication of this article. Please read our User Agreement for more details.
  • ALL fields must be completed to process this article!
  • All articles submitted MUST be a complete article! Submissions that provide links to other web sites that contain the article will NOT be processed! Do not include links to other web sites as part of your article. Exception: A link to a related photo gallery is acceptable.
  • Please try to limit the length of your article to 2000 words or less. (Please do not submit any article in segments i.e. Part 1, Part 2, etc.)!
  • We do respect your right to post a negative article, however, a one paragraph statement about your cruise experience or a complaint about your travel agent does not qualify as a article. Such statements belong in our message boards, not in the cruise articles.
  • Please format your articles to look like traditional Funk and Wagnall's English. That means employing capital and lowercase letters in a traditional manner. . . neither all caps, nor all lowercase. Using all capital letters is known as "SHOUTING", making the message difficult to read and an eyesore.
  • We reserve the right to edit the article. For example, if your article is humorous, we will try to make it funnier (we usually suceed). We will edit for grammar, and might shorten the article if it is too long..

Article Submission Form We realize all of the fields below may not apply to your story, but you have to put "something" in them. Please just fill them out the best you can - the only thing we really need to read is your article!

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