Vision of the Seas - Alaska

Kuki's Daily Ship's Log - July 30 The Alaska Adventure Begins

Kuki - Moose
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We began the day with an awe inspiring view from the airplane while crossing over the still snow covered Canadian Rockies. I have a feeling that this is just our first hint of the special things mother nature has in store for us this week.

As we descended toward Vancouver I saw a Vision. Vision of the Seas, sitting at the pier three or four thousand feet below us, and looking just glorious. If I wasn't psyched about this trip before now, that certainly did it!

It was almost 2:30 by the time we reached the Ballantyne Pier, and I fully expected that we were arriving late enough that check-in would be a breeze. In fact, we must have arrived just after some busloads from Seattle as things were very busy. After completing the check-in process, I was surprised to go upstairs to board and find that they were still handing out and calling boarding numbers. At any rate, even though we seemed to arrive with a crowd, we were onboard within an hour.

I haven't sailed on Vision previously, but I have sailed some of the other Vision class family. As I entered the Centrum, I was struck at how much I felt like I was visiting an old friend. These Vision class ships truly exude a feeling of warmth as you walk onboard, and Vision of the Seas is no exception. And on this day she really seems to be sparkling and showing her best.

Mrs. Kuki and I dropped the carry-ons in the cabin and headed for the Windjammer for a late lunch. Food was very good! We then set out to explore, and Mrs. Kuki booked her spa appointments. Got back to the cabin and our luggage had arrived before the muster drill.

Today was the perfect day to sail under the Lion's Gate Bridge and out of Vancouver. It was 25 degrees (don't panic, that's Celsius), or about 80 degrees Farenheit, and not a cloud in the sky. If we can hope for weather anywhere near this as we head further north, we'll be in for a treat.

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