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Kuki's Daily Ship's Log - August 5 Ketchikan...     Alaskan Adventure Photo Essay

Cruising Misty Fjords last night was so wonderfully peaceful and serene. The Bang Family again invited us to enjoy this from the bridge. Standing on the wing of the bridge while passing through inlets so narrow I felt I could touch the mountains on either side was an almost mystical experience.

These glimpses I've had of life on the bridge
give me some understanding of why people like Captain Bang remain so long in their careers, and have such devotion to the sea.

At Sea- Aug 5

Today is our final sea day as we cruise the inside passage back towards Vancouver. Yesterday's sunshine has temporarily disappeared. The morning is drizzly, cool and very foggy. The quiet is interrupted only occasionally by the ships foghorn, as it's radar picks up other ships, or boats in the area. Today is a good day to reflect about a cruise that has passed by much to quickly for my liking.

The Purser's desk called this morning to say they have us listed as staying on the shop to do back to back cruises. Alas, it's only a mistake. I thought I'd best admit to the error because next week's occupants of my cabin might not care for my snoring.

By mid afternoon most of the fog had cleared and people were out sunning by the pool. Most probably not even realizing how much luck we'd had with the Alaskan weather.

Cap's QuartersCLICK FOR PIC

We felt very privileged to be invited to the Captain's private quarters. And I'm pleased Captain Bang has allowed CruiseMates to use these exclusive photos of his home at sea. It's a comfy apartment just below the bridge containing a living room area, dining room area, separate bedroom and bathroom, and the Captains office.

With the exception of vacation times this has been Captain Bang's home since the Vision came out the shipyard, and we appreciate him sharing it with us. Captain Bang, his wife Darlene, and daughter Kiki were such fun to talk to. My complete report of our interview will follow here on CruiseMates shortly.


While we were sitting and visiting there was a call from the bridge saying pods of whales had been spotted. We all raced to the bridge like kids hearing that candy was free at the corner store.

The Captain announced to all the passengers whales had been sighted and we could hear the OOHS and AAHS from the people on the outside decks as the whales passed on both sides of the ship.

There was an International Fireworks competition taking place in Vancouver tonight, and as a special treat for the passengers the Captain "put the pedal to the metal" to get us into Vancouver Harbor in time to watch. It was breathtaking to watch this display from the ship in the harbor. An amazing way to spend our last night onboard.

It's a good thing they told me in advance about the fireworks competition, or I would have thought RCI was staging it just for me.

Sadly, tomorrow our Alaska adventure draws to a close, but it's NOT over yet. The adventure continues...

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