A "Day on the Job" as a Shipboard Comedian (Part 4)

' Cruise DirectorFebruary 16, 2009

Kuki, CruiseMates Cruise Director, takes on the challenge of becoming a professional standup comedian for one night.

My act was four minutes long and aside from what I felt was a stumble (who knows how the audience saw it?) I delivered my routine to the end, totally enjoying and appreciating the laughter and acceptance of the audience. The applause as I left the stage was in some ways numbing, but getting a curtain call and walking back out on the stage to yet more applause had my entire body tingling!

View the Video -- Kuki's Comedy Routine on Carnival Fantasy!

I think laughter is such an important part of life that I truly admire the people who can make us laugh at will. Al Ernst and Lewis Nixon do this almost every day of their lives. Their careers are devoted to supplying laughter, and momentarily letting us escape our everyday worries. They are craftsmen and their hard work shows us that by taking a different view of life we can still find reasons to be happy.

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Kuki (center) at post-show celebration with Al and Lewis

While my act was a mere four minutes, these professional comedians regularly do 45 minute shows, at least two shows a night; each show completely different. After experiencing my four minutes I am beyond impressed at what they do, especially remembering all that material.

I have to say the experience of doing a comedy act in a big showroom, and actually getting a laugh or two, was one of the most memorable experiences I've ever had. And most certainly it is one I will never repeat again! The exciting news is that after watching my show Chris Prideaux, the Director of Onboard Entertainment for Carnival, offered me a job -- as a cabin steward.

I do have to thank Chris, Al, and Lewis for giving me my most unique and unusual "day on the job" opportunity yet. But after my performance, they know their careers are safe. No agents have called me -- yet.

If you ever see the names Al Ernst or Lewis Nixon listed as the entertainment on your cruise, consider yourselves lucky -- that you were forewarned and go to one of the bars onboard instead.

Seriously, make sure you don't miss any shows they do. Either one will have you laughing so much you'll be rolling in the aisles.

You can find Al Ernst at alernst.com, or at enation.com. You can find Lewis Nixon at his home in Florida (if you'd like his personal phone number or home address, give me a call). Actually Lewis has worked exclusively for Carnival ships since 2000. Both were onboard working the John Heald 5 day Blogger's Cruise.

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