Freestyle Cruising Aboard the Norwegian Dawn

| November 3, 2008

Freestyle cruising offers a lot of amenities for cruisers of all ages, and choices especially abound on the Dawn.

As you are staring up at the vessel that's going to be your home for the next couple of days to weeks, you feel like jumping for joy. Of course, this is the typical reaction of anybody who loves cruising. This ecstatic feeling is especially heightened when you see an NCL ship for the first time, because of the pretty artwork all over the sides of the ship. In fact, this artistry is all over the ship and is just a taste of how attractive the Dawn is. I recently sailed aboard the Dawn with my mom, brother, and mom's good friend from New York to Bermuda.

Freestyle Cruising For those who don't know, Freestyle cruising is the trademark of Norwegian Cruise Line. The slogan for Freestyle Cruising is "You're free to do ... whatever!" It's all about relaxing. There are no set times for dinner -- you can eat wherever you want, and everything is casual and laid-back. Also, they have upgraded their staterooms to best fit every passenger's needs a bit better.

In late 2007, NCL announced their new "enhancements" to their fleet, known as Freestyle 2.0. This extensive list of features includes: new menus in all restaurants, specialty dishes at most restaurants, Bliss Collection by NCL -- linens and pillows along with other goods for the staterooms, specified snacks everyday in verandah staterooms, White Hot Night Party, and Monte Carlo Night. (On that day, teens can try their hand at the casino games, but with NO money involved.) NCL prides themselves on being the youngest and "hippest" fleet on the planet and the activities and amenities onboard absolutely reflect that.

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