Top Ships for Teens

| October 1, 2004
CruiseMates Teen Editor

What is really the best of the best? What are really the most important aspects of cruising for teenagers? Basically we have to face the fact that the cruise lines will never really catch on to us, that their scavenger hunts and pool parties aren't what we really want. We want things that kids over the age of 12 can do!

So cruise lines, listen up; here are the lists of teen favorites for the following categories: Ship for Teens, Line for Teens, Nightclub, Port, Service and Food.

I started a Web post asking teens to list their favorites in all these categories. This can be viewed in the link below. Afterwards, I tallied up all the ships and votes.

Best Ship for Teens

This is probably the most important ranking overall because it encompasses everything that your vacation should be! This is the list of ships that have the things that teens want, from rock climbing walls to glass elevators. Theses are the ships that teens requested, in order of votes received.

    1. Mariner of the Seas
    2. Navigator of the Seas
    3. Adventure of the Seas
    4. Voyager of the Seas
    5. Carnival Glory
    6. Carnival Conquest
    7. Carnival Miracle
    8. Carnival Victory
    9. Carnival Spirit
    10. Celebrity Constellation

The next area I surveyed was the cruise lines themseves. I suspected it would basically be a tossup between Carnival and Royal Caribbean, but I had to find out for sure… My personal vote went to Carnival, but Royal Caribbean swept Carnival off its feet in the overall results! Also remember, Celebrity Cruises is owned by Royal Caribbean…

    1. Royal Caribbean
    2. Carnival
    3. Celebrity

The place where I spend the most time on my cruises, where I meet people and just have a good time is the nightclub. Here teens listen to music, dance (yes, I do also), and have a good time with friends. My most vivid memories of my cruises all take place in the nightclub, dancing with new friends and just enjoying myself. These are the top teen votes for nightclubs.

    1. "Fuel" Mariner/Navigator of the Seas
    2. "Optix" Adventure of the Seas
    3. "Monte Mare" Carnival Conquest
    4. "Frankenstein's Lab" Carnival Miracle
    5. "Medusa's Lair" Carnival Legend
    6. "Dancin'" Carnival Spirit
    7. "Rex" Carnival Paradise

The other important part of taking a cruise is visiting ports. I usually don't think too much about them because the real destination is the ship. But we all have our favorite ports, and whether the activities are shopping or climbing a waterfall, the Caribbean has it all!

    1. RCCL Private Islands (Coco Cay & Ladabee)
    2. Cozumel, Mexico
    3. Grand Cayman
    4. St. Thomas
    5. St. Maarten
    6. Nassau, Bahamas
    7. Aruba
    8. Jamaica
    9. Skagway, Alaska

One of the best parts of taking a cruise is getting away from it all. Every cruise line competes to be the best in service. These crewmembers who have to deal with us teens and 2,500 other passengers always manage to do it with a smiling face. Here's a list of the top cruise lines with crew friendliness and service:

    1. Royal Caribbean
    2. Holland America Line
    3. Celebrity
    4. Carnival
    5. Disney
    6. Princess

Last but certainly not least is the food. From grand dining rooms to poolside buffets, people will eat everything in sight while on vacation. Cruise lines advertise eight meals a day, and many people take advantage of this. These are the best cruise lines rated by teens for food.

    1. Carnival
    2. Celebrity
    3. Royal Caribbean
    4. Holland America Line
    5. NCL
    6. Princess

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