Disney Wonder Review

Part I by Eli The Disney Wonder is a lot like the Disney Magic, only I think it's better. One reason for this is that it's brighter. On the Disney Magic, it's painted with darker colors. Another thing, the Wonder seems more organized. It is almost impossible to get lost it is so good.


Like the Magic, every night you eat in a different dining room. One restaurant, Parrot Cay, is on both Disney ships, and has a great line of island delights. Trust me, it's good. Another diningroom, which is on the Magic too, has a nice line of cooked goods. On the Magic, it has a Beauty and the Beast theme, but on the Wonder it has a Little Mermaid theme. The last dining room is the always enjoyable Animator's Palate. This has...wait, I don't want to give away the secret!

The entertainment on this ship was non-stop. There are three swimming pools. One is only for adults, one is for any age, and one is for little kids. Another thing to do is to watch a movie in the movie theater. They have tons of movies for adults and kids. Also, there are live shows with pirates and Peter Pan, and some even have Mickey Mouse, Goofy, etc. There are many movie channels in the TV in your cabin, You can also got to a kid's program. There are many camp-like programs for toddlers, kids and teenagers. There is also a basketball court and video arcade.

Part II by Erin Recently my mother, my brother Eli, my best friend Kaitlyn, and I vacationed on the Disney Wonder. It was awesome. After a plane ride and an hour bus ride we got on the ship at about 2 o'clock. The four of us stopped at the room and then quickly rushed to the Parrot Cay dining room for lunch. This is my favorite of the three dining rooms; it's decorated like a tropical paridise with many birds and such. We ate lunch, and then Kaitlyn and I went off to explore the ship.

I had been on the Disney Magic a year prior, so I basically knew my way around the ship already. We stopped off at the teen room "Common Grounds" where we were greated by a very friendly and enthusiastic counselor. We decided to stay and see who showed up. We saw two guys (whose names we learned were James and Kevin) and invited them to play Jenga. After, we went to explore the ship somemore.

That night we ate diner at Parrot Cay where we met our friend Jenny. After dinner we went to the show, which we weren't too fond of, but I could see how it would appeal to a little kid. After we went to the teen room where, by the end of the night, Kayte and I ended up with about 15 guys around us. At 10:30, a schedualed event for teens began which was baisically a get-to-know-you event. We hung around for a little while, but we got tired of it and we, and some of our new friends, decided to jet. So Kaitlyn, Jenny, James, Kevin, Adam, Kirel, Larry, and I wondered the boat looking for things to do. It was all lots of fun, we got to know each other and baisically formed our little group. We became known to some of the crew as "those teens that run the ship."

The second day of the cruise, we were in port at Nassau. Kaitlyn and I decided to do the trendy thing and get our hair braided. It took about two hours for all of Kaitlyn's long blond curls to be braided, and about an hour for my hair. It cost $100 for the both of us. Getting your hair braided is cool but it costs a small fortune, just remember to never pay full price. You can always baragin the hairbraiders down.

After we got out hair done, my mom, Eli, Kaitlyn, Jenny, and I headed over to the Straw Market. This is a big open air market. I had a blast bargining down prices. I got many presents for myself and friends for not much money at all. We spent the rest of the day shopping downtown.

When we got back to the ship Kaitlyn and I explored and sunned ourselves. That night we ate dinner at Triton's which is the fanciest of the dinning rooms. It was only the kids eating there since our parents had gone to Palo's to eat. We quickly became friends withn our waiters Brian and Daniel (who we nicknamed Fez Powers after a character from a TV show and Austin Powers). Later we went on a teen dance cruise, which I didn't particuarly like, but it was a chance to get to know everyone. That night back on the ship we wandered around with our group again.

The third day of the cruise we went to Castaway Cay. The highlights of the day included riding on the bike trails, kayaking, and just hanging out on the beach and in the water (which is so incredibly warm). It was gorgeous there. That night, we ate at Animator's Palate, which is very cool because as you eat the walls change color. That night again we met up with the group and hung out. I forgot to mention that there is also a video arcade on the ship, but we didn't spend too much time there.

The last day was a full day at sea, and Kaitlyn and I explored the ship some more. We tried the ice cream at the ice cream stand, which was delicious, and discovered a new favorite sandwich at the outside grill: A piece of grilled chicken topped with guacamole, sour cream, salsa, and a tomato. It's delicious! We also spent the day with our group of friends, trying not to think about how quickly the cruise was coming to an end. That night we all decided to stay out late. We were up at 1:30 when the boat arrived at Cape Canavaral and watched it dock, which was pretty fasinating. I think we all were up untill 3 am before we said our goodbyes and went back to our cabins. The next day we departed from the ship at about 9:30a.m. and headed for the Disney parks. We stayed at the Boardwalk hotel which is great because it is within walking distance from Epcot and a short boat ride from MGM. There are also many things to do at the hotel. The four days we spent at Walt Disney World were loads of fun and a great end to our summer vacation.

My favorite things about this cruise were the tons of kool people I met, the free food, and the ports of call. What I didn't like is the lack of night time parties and things to do. I really enjoyed this cruise though, and highly recomend it. I give it 4 stars ****

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