Packing for a Cruise

There's something about being a teenager. Whenever we go on a trip, the entire contents of our room go into our suitcases. So here's some advice-when packing for a cruise, the two most important things to remember are not to over pack, and to make sure your clothes make sense for the climate. I, the classic over pack, can facetiously offer this caution, since I typically bring everything from my warmest winter wool socks to my summer tank tops. Therefore, I would be the first to warn you to think twice before you squeeze in that extra item.

Remember, one of the reasons you are taking a Caribbean cruise is that you love warm temperatures and sun, so face it-it's probably going to be HOT! Pack those summer things: lots of shorts, tanks, T-shirts-shirts, and sandals. Just in case, bring a few warmer outfits in case you hit an unexpected cold front, or if you get too much sun and your body temperature plummets. Also, you'll probably need one or two pair of long pants. On many ships, casual wear, i.e. shorts, is taboo in the dining room at dinner.

Most ships have at least one formal night, so include one outfit at the very least that makes you feel downright glamorous. I always have a skirt or dress for every night, just because it's a rare opportunity to dress to kill!

I can't think of a ship without a pool and gym, so if you're a workout fiend, or can more easily rationalize eating all of those desserts by swearing to sweat them off, equip yourself with exercise clothes and one or two fabulous bathing suits. The bad news? On some ships, gyms are for adults only, so check it out before you go.

Make sure you pack items you use on a daily basis, and can't live without. This could be your favorite perfume, makeup, or your killer hair dryer, unless you can manage with what most ships have fixed to the bathroom wall. Of course, we all have our quirks. I straighten my hair every day, so I never travel without my straightening iron. It might be a plan to check in advance whether there will be a place to plug it in. Personally, forgetting a staple item I use on a daily basis can make me really uncomfortable, although there's a chance that the ship carries it in the gift shop.

Finally, don't forget to take a camera and lots of film, so you can take pictures of all the beautiful "attractions" you'll see, especially if they want to dance with you.

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