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81 User Reviews of Carnival Legend Cruise Ship

Western Caribbean
Publication Date: October 4, 2009

by J. Mahaffey - October 4, 2009 Quick Review: Fantastic ship and itinerary, the port of Tampa was convenient and fun, Food was Good to Outstanding, and Service was Good to Outstanding. We had an absolute blast and would recommend this cruise without any hesitation.

About Us: Married 5 years, 26 & 28, I have been on two cruises before – one on Carnival Inspiration in 2002 (out of New Orleans – Western Caribbean) and one on Royal Caribbean’s Rhapsody of the Seas in 2007 with my hubby (out of Galveston – Western Caribbean). We had room 4177, an 8B Balcony room – which had so much storage in the cabin and the bathroom that I could have packed three times as much stuff!

Carnival Legend: A beautiful and perfectly sized ship, easy to navigate and with a small feel, but with everything we could ever want. The Aft Adult pool was great for chilling out late night. There were lots of neat nooks and crannies to sit and look out or get some quite time. The ship only felt crowded during embark/debark and right before the formal dinners.

Embark: Quick and easy.

We took the $3 shuttle from the Hyatt Regency downtown (awesome! Try William Shatner site - $25 flat fee from airport for a taxi) around 12:15 and got there before 12:30. Took about 30-45 minutes to get from curbside to onboard. Walked around and got a feel for the ships. They said we could go to our room at 1:05, but we didn’t even try until 1:45, because we were having so much fun walking around the ship.

Service: Really Good – not as smiley as I would have liked, but everyone did such a great job! We were never unhappy! Our room steward Aldo – was a cleaning ninja! We really enjoyed him.


Lido: Although the Lido was a buffet, it was much better than Royal Caribbean’s lido. There were tons of choices and although things ranged from passable to really good, you could always find things that were really good. If I had to eat here all week I could have founds things to keep me happy. Plus, there were always dinning room favorites such as shrimp cocktail and chocolate melting cakes to be had here. Also, I love the cookies they always have out.

Dining Room: Some selections were great (short ribs, prime rib, chilled bing cherry soup, shrimp cocktail, some pastas), some were good (lobster, shrimp, pastas), some were okay or not great. Desserts were very good for the most part – although we did get a little tired of the only chocolate selection being the chocolate melting cake (not that we didn’t like it alot). Don’t forget to order a cappuccino after dinner – they are fantastic and free. We did the early seating and really enjoyed our two tablemates. Our waiter was okay, but definitely not as good as the waiters I have had before on both Royal and Carnival (must be luck of the draw), our assistant waiter though was really good.

Supper Club: Fantastic! I can’t say enough about this place. Fantastic Lobster Bisque! We both got steaks but were toying with the idea of the 16 oz lobster tail, so I would recommend that if you want this to get the surf and turf or one of you get the tail and one of you get the 24 oz porter house. There was soooo much food we could not finish it and you would have plenty to go around. The chocolate tart dessert was fantastic. The service was amazing. We also had a lovely bottle of wine. If you are trying to celebrate something or just want to eat some amazing food – it is totally worth it!

Room Service: Only used once but it was the same as the Lido – we just did not have to go get it. It was on time and the waiter was friendly.

Other: Sushi – okay to good. Pizza – good. Teatime snacks – yummy!

Mixed Drinks were just okay for as expensive as they were – the foo foo drinks seemed most worth the money.

Wine Package: We purchased the base wine package and here is an area that I would either advise against buying a wine package, or at least upgrade to the more expensive package. A few selections were fine (i.e. Korbel brut & Fetzer Cab Sav). But the Shiraz and Beaujolais were crappolla. I would recommend either upgrading or bringing your own.

Shows/Activities: We were not crazy about the Review shows*, but I would encourage everyone to go the audience participation, the comedians, and the variety performers – they were really fun and John Heald did such a fantastic job – he really made our cruise memorable. He was funny without being cheesy, charming without being cocky. It was so fun to go to the shows that he led.

*The singers and dancers were good, just the shows were not my style – instead we loved going down to the firebird lounge and listening to the singers with the live band. We danced and just sat sometimes and enjoyed - it was a ton of fun! Also the karaoke and dance club were fun. There were tons of opportunities to listen to great live music!

Not technically a show, but we did make it to one of the three art auctions and it was SO much fun. We did not buy anything but they had some great deals and gave away a TON of stuff. Plus they really do a good job of describing the art and interacting with the audience. (They make you feel like they are happy you are there even if you are not going to drop big bucks on a fancy painting).

Also we did the Galley tour, which was really short, but still fun to do.

Ports of Call/Excursions: Grand Cayman: We got off as soon as they would let us and took a tender in. We walked down to the Eden Rock Dive Center and waited for them to open (5 minutes) so we could rent a locker. These guys were super helpful. We geared up and headed out, careful with the entry as there are tons of small urchins off the stairs, we swam out and around for a few hours and saw tons of wild life and great coral formations. Saw a nurse shark chilling in the sand; saw several Tortugas, gorgeous corals, huge fish and crystal clear water. The current was a bit strong heading back in but we made it just fine. (I would recommend a vest even though we did not use ours, we were happy to have them). We then used the dive shop’s fresh water shower to clean our gear and us up. We sat in the sun for a while out behind the dive shop and changed into dry clothes. We asked the guy up front for a lunch recommendation and bough a t-shirt. We went to Guy Harvey’s for lunch and it was great! It wasn’t too expensive with drinks it ended up being around $30 with tip. We then shopped and I bought my 14 rum cakes and a Cohiba Maduro cigar from a Cuban shop. By then we caught a tender about twenty minutes before “the last tender time”. We were back to the ship!

Cozumel: We booked with Chellie through Eagle Ray Divers for a three- reef snorkel. She was very good about corresponding via email. We took a 5 min cab ride for $8 bucks to the marina. There were only four snorkelers and they put us on the boat with two divers. We went out to Palancar, but with the divers it was about an hour and half or more before we could get in the water. Their boat has seen better days but the crew was pretty good. Our snorkeling guide did a good job in the water but did not talk to us hardly at all during the 2+ hours we were slowly motoring to and from the snorkel sites. This is something they advertised – talking about the sites we were going to visit. However the sites were fantastic! Although the coral was not the best we have ever seen, the wildlife was awesome! We saw Nurse sharks and a huge Eagle Ray and some turtles, 2 large groupers, and some gorgeous coral. We were so slow that we did not get to make the third snorkeling site – kind of a bummer. Also, we were not sure where we were going for lunch (included) and with such a long boat ride out it was a little stressful thinking about if we were going to get back in time. Lunch was at the Money Bar and was very good. Afterwards we caught a 5 min cab ride back to the terminal where we had about an hour (so plenty of time) to shop and get a Margarita before walking back on the ship. Mixed emotions on this one – the crew was good - but the boat, the slow time to the water, and missing a snorkeling site were some pretty big negatives. We would probably look elsewhere next time for a snorkeling tour when in Cozumel. Note: The Dive Instructor chatted with the divers the whole time and the divers said that he was one of the best dive masters that they had ever dove with, so if you are a diver then you may not want to rule these guys out.

Belize: First - Tender tickets: They said you could not get Tender tickets until 9:30 am if you are not on a Carnival tour. But, if you just go to the follies when they dock they will give you a ticket. We went around 8:15 AM and they had already been giving out tickets for 20 minutes. We took the tender in and it was a long one but the tender boat was speedy. We got dropped off and walked 1 minute down the dock to the Hammerhead Sports desk. We had booked with Coral Breezes for the Snorkeling and Caye Caulker Trip. They told us we had about 30-40 minutes and we paid our balance and walked around the shops. The Fine Arts Store (look for the sign with arrows) was great and I wish we had more time to shop there. They have lovely wooden crafts and local art with decent prices. We met up at Hammerhead and since we had our gear we were ready to get on the boat. We hopped on and were buzzing quickly and bumpily to Caye Caulker to drop off the non –snorkelers. There were about 8 or 9 snorkelers and we had three guides in the water. The first stop was the Coral Gardens and here we found the healthiest and most beautiful coral we have ever seen. The guides were also really good and we got to be here for almost an hour. Next we went to the stingray stop and the guides put out fish for sting rays, we jumped in and swam with them, but I eventually had to put some fins on to keep up with the current. The stingrays were really fun to swim with and came up to be petted. Then we hopped back on the boat to Caye Caulker. What a gorgeous and quiet place. We ate lunch at The Sports Bar and Grill and headed back to the Boat. They were working a bit on one of the two engines, which was a little disconcerting, but nonetheless in a few minutes we were off. About half way back one of the two engines gave way and we operating slowly on one. One of the guides immediately called and had them send another boat to get us. About 15-20 minutes of going with just one engine the boat met us and we all successfully transferred to the other boat and were back on the dock in 10 or 15 minutes. We actually got back at 3:45 and the last tender was at 4pm, so we were back no problem, but usually you would have another 20-30 minutes to shop so that was a little disappointing – but hey they did a great job handling and resolving the problem. They were so apologetic and did a great job keeping us calm and told us if we missed the tender it would be on them to get us back and not to worry. They even emailed us apologizing and credited our deposit back to us as an apology. I would without a doubt, hands down recommend this tour to anyone who loves to snorkel – it was fantastic, the guides were the best I have ever had, and the coral – breathtaking!

Roatan: We had a Best of Roatan from Victor Bodden and got Ismael as our guide – he drove us around and gave us some island highlights and took us to a souvenir shop for about an hour before taking us to the beach we requested, Half Moon Bay, by the restaurant side. He then got out and showed us where the freshwater shower, bathroom, and entry were and pointed out the reef and how to get to the wall. He also introduced us to a waiter that would take our drink orders. The shore snorkeling here was really good; the coral was not as good as Belize, but still better than pretty much anywhere else. It was a really easy site to snorkel (not too shallow, not too deep) and we were blessed with great water clarity and incredibly calm conditions – even out at the wall. We saw lots of cool marine life too. Afterwards we cleaned up with the shower and changed and had lunch at the restaurant – I had the Butterfly Honey Grilled Lobster and it was large and delicious. We also had some local beers, which were great. We stayed until the last minute here – it was so peaceful and nice. It rained off and on and more snorkelers showed up for tours. Then we pulled our stuff together and Ismael took us back to where the ship was docked (stopping for picture opportunities along the way). We paid him and tipped him and walked into the touristy dock area and bought a small painting, we wanted the large one but did not have enough cash on us and did not want to risk running to an ATM, so alas maybe next time. We would recommend Victor Bodden to anyone who wants to see the island and be catered to. They will literally take you wherever you would like to go whenever, just tell them. We loved Half Moon beach and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in snorkeling there. If you are just interested in snorkeling you could probably take a cab there, but it was nice to have the guide taking such great care of us and making sure everything went as planned.

Disembark: Getting off the ship was even easier and quicker – around 8:20am John announced for everyone to leave his or her stateroom. We were in the Atlantis lounge waiting by then after having breakfast in the dinning room. We were the last group called and we had our luggage and were through customs and had purchased Aquarium tickets at the cruise terminal ($4 cheaper) by 9:30am. The aquarium held our luggage for free. We toured the aquarium and then went to lunch at Oishi (Japanese), which was very good; we then took a cab to the airport. Tampa rocks – best port we have ever done! Everything is very close and there is a lot going on down town.

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: June 14, 2009

Traveled on the Legend for 2nd time.Ship has been updated(since 2007)and a mini-golf course added on top deck.great for the kids. they also had tournaments,my son won twice.Food was very good and service was great.Cozumel stop cancelled due to swine flu, Extra day at sea was nice.Weather was great.Smoothest sailing ever(my 12th cruise).Balcony cabin on deck 8 enough room for all four of us.My kids are 13&15 not enough kids for them to do anything in the kids club. They found other things to do though.

Embarking and debarking very easy(we did self debark)was able to get off ship by 7:30,in car by 8:15am heading home.We used the spa and gym area. Entertainment was great.Waterslide was fun.You can always find a chair on deck.Carnival still has the best french fries and I love that they have a sandwich station on lido deck.Carnival is a line for every age.

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: June 14, 2009

We traveled on the Legend for second time. The ship has been updated since 2007 and a mini-golf course has been added on top deck. This is great for the kids. They also had tournaments, and my son won twice.

The food was very good and the service was great too.

The Cozumel stop was cancelled due to swine flu, but the extra day at sea was nice.

The weather was great. It was the smoothest sailing ever (this was my 12th cruise).

Our balcony cabin on deck 8 had enough room for all four of us.

My kids are 13 and 15, and there were not enough kids onboard for them to really do anything in the kids club. They found other things to do though.

Embarking and debarking was very easy (we did the self-disembark). We were able to get off the ship by 7:30, and were in the car by 8:15am and heading home.

We used the spa and gym area on this cruise.

The entertainment was great. The waterslide was fun. You can always find a chair on deck.

Carnival still has the best french fries and I love that they have

a sandwich station on the lido deck. Carnival is a line for every age group.

Traveled on the Legend for 2nd time.Ship has been updated(since 2007)and a mini-golf course added on top deck.great for the kids. they also had tournaments,my son won twice.Food was very good and service was great.Cozumel stop cancelled due to swine flu, Extra day at sea was nice.Weather was great.Smoothest sailing ever(my 12th cruise).Balcony cabin on deck 8 enough room for all four of us.My kids are 13&15 not enough kids for them to do anything in the kids club. They found other things to do though.

Embarking and debarking very easy(we did self debark)was able to get off ship by 7:30,in car by 8:15am heading home.We used the spa and gym area. Entertainment was great.Waterslide was fun.You can always find a chair on deck.Carnival still has the best french fries and I love that they have a sandwich station on lido deck.Carnival is a line for every age.

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: October 26, 2008

Embarkation at the Port of Tampa is exceptionally well organized, and as Platinum members we were aboard the ship within 15 minutes of entering the doors.

We found the "Legend" to be beautiful, and clean as usual, and our stateroom was an ocean view with an obstructed view, but with floor to ceiling French Doors. It was exceptionally roomy and nice.

The service aboard the entire ship was outstanding, and the food seems to us to be getting better with each cruise we've taken aboard Carnival in the past year or so. Even the steaks and prime rib were very tasty, and tender! Perhaps Carnival has changed suppliers of their beef?

We chose early seating, and enjoyed the GREAT service in the dining room each night.

Entertainment was excellent, with three lead singers instead of the usual two. Big production shows were very good, as well as the comedians, and other acts presented.

We unfortunately had rain throughout the week, which spoiled many of the excursions for lots of people, but that was certainly beyond the control of Carnival, and they did everything possible to make the cruise enjoyable for those who missed activities in

the ports.

The week flew by, and upon our return to the Port of Tampa, we once again witnessed the lack of confusion which is apparent on many cruise lines, and at many ports. Debarkation was swift and without the usual chaos, and once again, as Platinum card holders, we were ashore by 08:45.

I'd highly recommend the "Legend" to anyone wishing to sail on a fun, organized cruise, with GREAT food, and superior entertainment.

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: September 2, 2007

This is the 12th cruise for me and 10th for my husband, so we are not new to the game. I really like cruising. I am 67 yrs. old and I am very open minded.

The Legend is a lovely ship, exceptionally clean, an interesting decorative theme, and we had a lovely balcony state room. The service was great in both cabin and dining room. The show dancers and singers did a great job. The piano man, Jordan Addison, was exceptional. The photographers took good pictures. I had no problems with the ports as our whole itinerary was changed due to a hurricane. But both my husband and I were disappointed in the food. The food at the Unicorn Cafe was pretty sad. We don't eat junk food normally, but found the pizzas, grilled sandwiches and the hot dogs and french fries better than the main courses and salads served there. The custom omelets, fruit and cereals were the most edible breakfast food. The dining room food was presented nicely but meat courses were often tough. We don't eat desserts but they did look better than a lot of the food.


I find the pool side games and fun events the highlight of my cruise. These were sadly lacking. I like trivia but not by the pool. There could have been a lot more fun things at the pool and more steel drum island music. Things like scavenger hunts where people get involved is fun. So I will rate the ships appearance, cleanliness, and service excellent and the food and entertainment lacking. But I will certainly cruise again if God is willing.
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Western Caribbean -- Singles Cruise
Publication Date: August 25, 2007

It was my second time on the Carnival Legend ship. I cruised with Vacations to Go singles group and some girls I meet on previous cruises with that company.

Our ports were supposed to be Grand Cayman, Belize,Costa Maya and Cozumel. Do to hurrricane Dean hitting our ports the previous week our itinerary was switched to Key West, Ocho Rios and still included Grand Cayman and Cozumel. Carnival did not announce any changes untill the Friday before the cruise, we set sail on Sunday. I think they did this because they don't want people to cancel.

The ship is still in good shape. I had my first balcony cabin. I had to remind myself to use it and ordered some room service breakfasts to eat outside. It was nice but I think I will just stick to oceanview window cabins, much cheaper and one can always go up on deck where the action is anyway.

The food and service were good. I recall all the sea food was very good, better then the steaks. I had Prime Rib one night it was good but made the mistake of ordering medium rare

it was too bloody for me. You could only order it medium rare or medium well, I should have gotten it medium well.I cruised with our Matre D Joesph on a previous cruise on the Carnival Pride it was good to see him again.

Ports Key West: Key West was great. I did the Ghosts and Legends tour. Ghost tours are a hobby of mine, and this was one of the best I've ever been on. Very scary in broad daylight just stay close to the guide so you can hear the storys. I also took a photo that had an orb in it, which is how ghosts photograph. If you like this sort of thing I'd highly recommend this excursion. After it was over I had a bit of free time I headed into town and meet my group at Sloppy Joes bar. Then decided to get some frozen Key lime pie on a stick, yummy! I also had time to do a bit of shopping. I found a jewelry store and brought a real cool necklace made from a sterling silver coin from the ship wreak Atocha that sunk off the coast of Keywest in the 1600's and was discoverd in 1980. It was wrapped in 14k gold and has a certificate of Authenticity. i was very pleased with my purchase at is over 370 years old and quite a conversation piece.

Ocho Rios: I've been here before it's beautiful, I decided to forgoe a ships excursion for a relaxing beach day. We headed over to Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville bar which is very touristy but cool. It has a swim up bar, a pool with water slide, and is located in a tourist village that keeps the local venders from bugging you. The prices however in the shops here are much higher then you pay elsewhere in Jamicia where you can bargain but I didn't go here to shop. It is right next to a pretty private beach that costs $3 to go on, and more money if you want to use the trampoline or water slides. The DJ was good, and our group danced several of the line dances. I ate a jerk chicken wrap that was not very good. Danced, swam and had a nice day without spending a fortune.

Grand Cayman: I attempted the beginner scuba dive here not with Carnival, but with Shore trips. In my opinion having about a 15 to 20 minute brief orientation is not enough time to learn to properly scuba dive. The ship wreak site we were supposed to visit was quite a good swim from the pier where we dove from. Neither I nor the other man on my excursion made it out the wreak, I think it was for people with better swimming skills. Im a pretty stong swimmer in a pool but in the ocean with currents and lots of heavy cumbersome equiptment it's a different story. I saw a few fish, got some water in my regulator, which freaked me out, and lost my instuctor at one point who swam off without bothering to notice I wasn't with him. Reminded me of the movie "Open Water". I floated my vest, rose to the surface, and decided to call it a day. In the future I will either take the long course next time, or stick to snorkling. I did see a couple cool fish up close. We ate lunch at a place on the water, did some quick shopping and headed back to our ship.

Cozumel: I had planned to do a beach day here but since it was my only chance to see some Mayan ruins I opted for the trip to the mainland to see Talum. The weather was hot and sunny the seas were calm so the 45 minute fast ferry I've heard can be a bumpy ride was smooth as glass. I actually feel asleep on the ferry ride. It's followed by a 45 minute bus ride on a nice airconditioned tour bus to Talum. Talum is beautiful, very mystical, historic place. It was interesting but you cannot climb or explore the ruins just look at them. The prettiest part is the cliff overlooking the most pristine beach below. The view is breathtaking. We had a bit of time left to grab some lunch here and do some shopping. I bargained and got a good price on a Mayan Mask carved from mother of pearl and gem stones.

Singles Activities The pre-cruise party in Tampa was a lot of fun. We went to Bahama Mamas which has 2 other bars attached. We had about 200 singles it was a blast.

Line Dance Class: Was excellent. I've never danced as much as I did on this cruise. We learned the Cupid Shuffle as well as some other line dances.Our group was always visable on the dance floors at the bars and disco.

Single Pictionary: A great time, I was team captain.

Private Pirate Party: Most people went all out with their costumes, it was a very good time.

There were some other activitys but I didn't participate in them so I won't review them.

Although I was very disappointed by losing two of the ports I most wanted to visit, we still had a very nice vacation. If your going to travel during hurricane season at least a cruise ship can be re routed, which is better then being stuck trying to evacuate a land based resort if a hurricane hits!

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Panama Canal
Publication Date: December 18, 2006

Ship: Most Carnival ships are really bad, i hear this form frineds and from the one other ship i havew been on. They are really dirty i hear. But this hsip is probably the best i have ever seen. The lobby is huge! and the theme is rennaisance and art. Thats all i have to say. Art. There are many beautiful paintings evrywhere and many glass sculptures and things. GPOing on the lobby elevators all the way up, you will notice a massive but beautiful man statue of liberty. The ship was also pretty clean and all too! Overall, the ship is great - 10 out of 10. Also, there were many Christmas decor this time since this cruise was going on during christmas.

Food: Food was pretty good. I ac tually did not eat much this cruise, but the dinenr was uaully good. I mysalef had a steak each night. Each night there werre different steaks, ands all but like 2 were good. Sometimes oit was undercooked. I dont know too much about the food, so i would say 7 out of 10.

Entertainment; The entertainment on the ship was

ok. The shows were good and all, but they can be a bit better. The cruise direcotr is different tho. Hes not ;like the one that talks to people and all liek the others. His assistants are good though.One thing thAT i saw was unique was the hypnosis show. They have a comedy hypnosis show which was really good. The comdedy was ok, but he did do many racist jokes. Especially to my family. Sicne there was crhsitmas, there was a big christmas show going on. It was pretty good, with Christmas dances and this si where all the little camp carnival kdis showed their stuff.

Camp Carnival: I am a teen myself. The activities for us were good enough but the teens on this crusie never went to them. Firstly,m they souneded boring. Next, almost all of them is tied into with the 9-11 year olds. Jsut remmeber that, the 9-11's share with 12-14.

Pools: Tehre are 4 pools and a huge great slide. The pools are a good size and are fun. There are big jaccuzzis near them. the sliden ois the best tho. it does not land in a pool, bu its still good. It turns aroudn twice, then makes some long turns that accelerates your speed. Then you go to the end, where you send alot, ALOT, of water at the spectators right next to the sldie exit.

Itinerary: This cruise was great. first stop was panama. I took an excursion that was basically an all out tour of panama. It had described the city. then it went to the locks, whochw ere amazing. NExt it twent to a famous hotel and form there we took boats and went on one of the biggest lakes of the canal. What made this special was we went to a native village, with antives still there. And these people dont have elctricity1 they still barel have clothing and all! Here the chief will speak to you in spanish with a translator. He will tell you about the village and how they make their buildings. he also talks about culture, and the kids. Next, there are two dances with the gir;ls. Theres one more dance where you can go up and join in!If you know spanish, you can talkw itht he natives. many knew spanish.

NExt was coasta rica. I took the zipline tour thigny. Tehre are mroe than one zipline tours but i say - high there sounded the ebst. it wasnt jsut ziplining, but also a gondola tour! It was actually considered the best and the whole company had a purpose for its making, which was like helping the environment and all. So first,you get in the bus whoichw as highly comfortabkle. You get a tour of the city then a two hour drive to the rainforest. you can see a video abpout the forest on the way there. then you get there, walk around a bit, then strap on for the zip;lining. This was meant for begginers, and it is nton scary at all. I was about to crap my panta b4 i went on but i didnt get scared at all on it! the ziplining is 45 mintues, but it fewels like 5 min. for some reason.After that, you can go to anopther facility in the forest. We saw the worlds second most poisonous snake there. Other animals there include these poisonous lizards,keaf cutter ants, which were really interesting, and beautiful butterfiels. There are also sloths and jaguars. And these animals arent in an exhibit! That snake was found in a bush right on the trail!!! Next you take a gondola ride which was an hour. It was really informative and itneresting. U see alot about the forest. And this all sint fake like in disney!

Belize i think was the ebst port. Theres alot to do. Scuba dive oin the second ;largest barrier reef, cave tubing, or offroading in land rovers. Thats what w e did. We took a tour that went in a emssed up bus. But it was acool. it added to the adventure. We ahd a hilarious tour of the city, whichw as very itneresting. Then we got to the rainforest, took a break there, and got in these land rovers that YOU can drive if u know how tod rive stick and have a license! And this is like what you see in commerical,s driving through a river and a pool of mud! Its aweosome! I=you drive to an ancient mayan cavem see some stuff, then go out into the savannah. Its all a peaceful drive. then you got o the companies own farm, ahve some fruits and some other belizian food. Free drinks. And, if you want, you can pick out any orange form their porange trees. these were the best i jave tasted in ym life. Next, we went on a bpoat thagt drove through the country. We saw many animals, like those huge iguanas, nice brids, and crocodiles! It then drives throguh the city, under three bridges. 1 of them was made in the 20's/ it was famous because it was one of a kind. Its hard to explain what it dus, but its really really rewally really low. you have to crouch down when u are udner it. if didnt croush down, my head woudl hit the bridege fb4 going under! Then the boat takes u tpo the ship dso you dont ahve to wrory about tenders! But its kind of a bproblem because belize has good shopping.

so the itnerayr was 8. best place 1. belize, 2. coasta rica, 3. panama.

So this cruise was my est. i give it an 8 out of 10

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: May 31, 2009

Great family cruise! After being a dedicated Celebrity and Crystal cruiser, I had my doubts about Carnival, so my expectations were to be underwhelmed.

The boat/cabin were very nice -- a balcony room is a must. The food was really good. I felt our service in the dining room was a little rushed and the shows were only ok -- but still mildly entertaining. The towel folding was incredible and a highlight of each evening's return to our room.

Don't book any spa visits for the beginning of your cruise -- save them for the end. Prices dropped every day of the cruise. Gym was nice, and the Pilates class was led by a very good instructor.

We loved our shore excursions -- parasailing and Stingray City in Cayman, cave tubing (booked independently) in Belize, and Jolly Roger snorkel and Gumba Linda Nature Park in Roatan. I wasn't disappointed with any of them. I do wish Carnival would have given us a second day in Cayman or Belize for our cancelled day in Cozumel. Also exiting the boat was much more orderly on the other 4 cruises I've been on. It was a

free for all and no one cares if you are late for your shore excursion.

Embarking was very easy, but debarkation was very disorganized. But we did end up making our early flight back to Arizona from Tampa.

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: June 17, 2007

My family of five cruised on the Legend June 17-24. It was our first cruise and we attended a family reunion with 20 people total. To say the least a cruise is like no other vacation. We are still talking about and when our family gets together again I'm sure we'll continue to share the great moments.

Legend has nice staterooms with a view. Easily to get around and the crew was great. Fabulous food with the formal meals each night and highlighted by the servers and staff's "Showtime" with song and dance. What fun to see our servers singing and dancing on tables and leading us in a conga line!

Plenty to do on board with games, trivia contest, shows, comedians, galley tour, casino, midnight buffet, bath rope party, and a fantastic band that performs every night during their nightly performances in the Follies Lounge. Captain's reception had complimentary drinks and food. Plenty of shops on board with sales on jewelry, clothes, etc. Also nightly drink specials, but beware drinks are pricey. Expect to pay $5.75 for domestic beer.

Regarding shore excursions: Grand Cayman was unique with the British influence. We decided

to just go to 7 mile beach and relax. Then lunch at Senor Frog's for lively entertainment. Cozumel was clear kayaking and snorkeling. I was amazed by the clear waters and beautiful sea life. Belize we did city tour and zoo with a local tour guide in a mini-van. Costa Maya we visited the Mayan ruins and were intrigued by the culture and excavated ruins. All ports have a variety of shops to choose from right at the pier, but most piers are close to local stores and restaurants outside the perimeter of the pier. So in Cozumel you can get a Mexican beer for $1.50 and a large bottle of Kaluha for only $12 (duty free.)

Days at sea there is time for games, pool or just relaxation. And of course more great food.


--My children are 18, 16 and 12 and did not participate in any organized kids' programs. They just enjoyed the freedom of being onboard doing there own thing with the cousins and other relatives.

--Shore excursion can be booked anytime on board with Carnival. Plenty to choose from. Might be a bit cheaper on shore with local providers but it can become confusing when you really don't know what you want to do and you are approached by so many local people to sell their own packages.

--Snorkeling is fantastic in the Caribbean but you should consider the Barrier Reef, which we did NOT do. Ours was from the shore and did not see the best. So in Belize or Costa Maya take the excursion that includes shuttle to the reefs.

-- Rough seas out of Belize with 50 mph winds so being on deck was kind of exciting, but several us became slightly seasick.

In closing the best vacation I have ever had! Can't really compare it with the traditional vacation on land. Was it perfect? Almost!! Do it again? I hope so!

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: May 27, 2007

13th cruise 4th carnival. Ship layout was easy and the same as the Pride.We had a balacony on 6th floor very nice.ports where grand cayman,cozumel,belize,costa maya. grand cayman beautiful,cozmel ship came in at the other pier and it is 3 1/2 miles to town.they did not tell us need to take a cab $6 for 2people one way.

Town has been cleaned up since i was there 13yrs ago. Went cavetubing in belize(with carnival) glad we did, we were the 3rd bus out and did not have to wait for anyone, lunch was chicken,rice and beans and potatos after tubing and where back to pier by 2:30. get off the ship on 1st tender to get the first was expensive but we felt safer had a great tour of island along the way with guide name Star. hike in the rain forrest was only 30min.tops then float for 1 1/2 hours in the cave.something different to do. 1st time to costa maya.alot of little bugs and pool water was dirty. we had a very relaxing time on the ship and not many kids on board.service was good for everything

no complaints.
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