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Originally Posted by beenie weenie
This is thought provoking stuff here. I went a took a look around at some of the pricing for these cruises and honestly it doesn't seem too bad for all that you get. I actually thought it would be more than what I found. Maybe someday when the kids are grown, d/h and I will treat ourselves to a cruise like this. Very nice.
Beenie... there are deals to be had! Like many cruise lines, even Silversea and the other lux lines are offering quite a variety of promotions. Check the recent news section on our Home Page, and you'll see some of them.

Beyond those, of course there's discounts to be had from travel agents. I have talked to a few guests who didn't mind offering the details of that they paid for this cruise, and I'll be sharing that info. I'm sure some will find it quite interesting, and yes, even affordable.
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