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Originally Posted by Luanne Russo
Please tell me you have a radar detector. You must have flown down to Galveston. Which way do you go?

I loved your review, but enjoyed your search in KW better. That is my kind of day.
Hey Luanne, Are you enjoying the rain?

I go down Hwy 6 to 290 to Houston. They have finished most of Hwy 6 now and it;s 4 lane and 70 mph most of the way. I really don't speed, haven't had a ticket in 20 yrs. It took longer to to return but I stopped for gas and migas. On the way down I drove straight through. I usually just take to old farm truck too so it's the dirtiest truck on the lot.

I'm going to request a death certificate from Monroe County Florida this week. So that may lead us to some more adventures.
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