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Default So, What is The Catch?

I want to start a thread about hidden fees and things you are not told when you book or take a cruise. It can be related to the airlines, hotels and shore excursions as well.

For example - you book flight to Ft Lauderdale at a certain rate - but you are not told until after you have clicked "OK" that there is a baggage fee of $38 per person per bag each way - for a family of five that becomes $380 extra dollars.

Or - you buy a drink at a bar on a cruise ship and you see a space there to add a grauity - but you are not told, except in the fine print - that an automatic gratuity has already been added to your drink.

You book a shore excursion to see a special place - but you are not told that you will also be dropped in a tourist-trap shopping mall with absolutely nothing to do but look and consider buying trinkets for over an hour. You paid a lot of money for that cruise and that shore tour, and you want to see your destination. Instead you are staring at four walls of kitschy clutter you wouldn't want to carry home on the plane anyway.

You book a special "Spa Stateroom" but you find that all it comes with is proximity to the Spa. You don't get free spa treatments - just quick access to the same steamroom everyone else on the ship can use.


What is the one thing you feel you should have been told up front by the travel agent, cruise line, spa manager, tour operator, tour guide, etc. that you didn't hear until it was too late?
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