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I just wanted to take the pulse of the public on this topic.

I personally have a job where I am required to check the daily cruise news every day, and it becomes pretty overwhelming to see the consistency with which people are using cruise ships to commit suicide.

In fact - the founder of the International Cruise Victims had a daughter who "disappeared" on a cruise ship. To my mind there is every indication that she planned this as a suicide - the fact the she brought almost no luggage at all, that she did not notify anyone in her family where she was going, and that she disappeared on the second night (in keeping with the amount of luggage she brought).

But I have also met the gentleman, and I can tell you the effects of suicide on the family go on forever. You may not feel sad for the victims, but I can tell you the people they leave behind are usually devastated.

When compassion only requires a small sacrifice I think it is at least worthy of consideration (and no, I do not write these things just to stir the pot). I have your opinions on the matter now and that is what I was seeking - thank you for contributing.
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