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Originally Posted by sunseeker55 View Post
Does anyone know of a way to get a refund (credit) for a rate decrease. I booked our cruise in Oct. and paid 719.00 per person for interior, just checked and the rate has dropped to 629.00 per person. Thats 180.00 per room for 2 rooms........ ughhh I called my carnival planner and he said couldn't do anything. Is there something I could do to get the lower price?
Yes, I get these reductions all the time. Since you are past final payment date, you are probably eligible for cabin upgrades for the difference, or my choice----cabin credit which you can use to pay tips or bar tab, etc.

Have you called Carnival? Print out the price, (go to find the cruise, print it out and call Carnival. Did you book thru Carnival or a travel agency.

I have received three of these adjustments recently, one after final payment, two before final payment. They kept lowering the fare.

Call Carnival and ask for a supervisor if you have to. Good luck Ron
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