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HI Joe,
Thanks for your reply. I too had heard that they usually just hire in the UK, so I felt honored to even interview with them, and I wish that I were going to start my new job, but I'm not sure I can accept the position.

First off, I will have to figure out how to obtain a SCTW95 certificate on my own and out of my own pocket. I will also have to go to Chicago for the physical and pay for that out of pocket as well.
Then there is the expense of the flight over to England and four days in a hotel while I train. All this plus obtaining my own medical insurance while on board is just too much.
Frankly, I don't see how I can afford to accept the position.

I had hoped to be hired by Starboard or Princess to work in one of their shops, but they haven't replied to my requests for employment.

Currently I am trying to get hired on at NCL in the deck steward position. At least with this one I won't have to put out a lot of cash up front and my certification is on them.

I'm not too picky about the job, sure there are certain jobs I don't want to do or I'm not qualified to do, but basically I just want to be given a chance to get my foot in the door.
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