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First Day Onboard

Earlier today I had some problems connecting to the Internet (I am technologically challenged. Lol ) I thought it was something I’d done to my laptop during travel, but after stopping by to see the Internet Manager, it turned out it was a minor glitch, and he got me up and running. And thanks to Paul Motter’s tutorial on the Century last week I can also load pictures more easily.

Dinner tonight was assigned seating, and for the first night entering is slow, as everyone has to be shown to their tables. We are seated in the Golden Olympian, midships on Deck 3, at the 6:15 P.M seating. I think the Silver Olympian, on the stern is the nicer of the two dining rooms, but its early seating is at 5:45 P.M, and we preferred the 6:15 time.

We’re at a table a rectangular table for 6, in a bit of aisle way, and at least tonight it seemed to be in a high traffic area, with a narrow passageway for other passengers, so we did seem to get a bit jostled with people entering. Our servers, Beda and Michael seem very pleasant, and jovial, and service this evening was very good. And everyone seemed to enjoy what they ordered. My highlight tonight was a delicious crème brule.
BTW.. We’re not sure yet if we should call our wait team For Beda or Worse, or Beda Testing lol.

I’m not certain I like the bench style seating and our table location, but we’ll see if we settle in nicely.

Our cabin is on Empress Deck, standard balcony cabin, and is very nice, larger than our Category NS (Century Suite) on the Century last week. The cabin steward, Aubrey, impressed me immediately. He came in to introduce himself, and a couple of items I asked for were delivered within minutes; so quickly I thought he must have had them waiting outside lol
We also explained that since we’d been cruising last week, we had quite a bit of laundry (free wash and fold is one of the perks of being Platinum level repeaters), so rather than a regular laundry bag, Aubrey returned immediately with a big black garbage bag for us to fill. We’ll certainly get our money’s worth out of this perk!

Hoping tomorrow I can track down some of the other folks in the CruiseMates group who I haven’t met yet, and get this new party rolling.
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