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Default Norway cabins

Have just booked a cruise on the Norway for next April. The wife and I are really looking forward to it. It will be our second cruise. We booked an inside upper/lower cabin because we hardly spent any time in our cabin on our first cruise. Does anyone have a picture of an inside upper/lower on the Norway? Pictures of that cabin class don't seem to be available on any of the internet sites I have checked.
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Default Re: Norway cabins

I have sailed the Norway twice and it's my favorite ship. Our first sailing was in an inside about 88 sq. feet (there are smaller ones). The second was one of the old first class cabins on the viking deck...over 200 sq. feet. However, some of the cabins are truly tiny. If you have your cabin number call NCL direct and ask them for the cabin size. If you booked thru a TA you can get the info that way too. Hope that helps.
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Linda T.
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Default Re: Re: Norway cabins

I am booked on the Norway on the Oct. 27th sailing. I sailed on her in 1990 and loved it. After reading Robo's review I thought long and hard about not going again, but the temptation was just too strong to see her one more time before she's gone. I am booked in a cat O cabin. It's an outside with upper and lower bunks. I was afraid I would smother in an inside if it was that small. But when I checked the square footage it was 132 sq. ft. I've been on several ships and had regular cabins smaller than that. when you call to book have your TA check the size of the cabins your interested in. Then decide which one you want. Some in an O cat. can be as small as 66 sq. ft. (wow) And I've seen them online as big as 154 sq. ft. Have a great cruise!! Linda
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Default Re: Re: Re: Norway cabins

I would like to know if anyone has been in cat. AF on the pool deck-the cabins seem to be across from the casino and was wondering how loud and annoying that might be?
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Default Re: Norway cabins

Hi there I am also going on the Norway on April 20 ,2003 with 5 other families with ages ranging from 5-16 kids. This will be during spring vacation is there a good childrens program on board? NCL told me there was but help from anyone whos already been on would be great? Also what about the food can you eat during the day at anytime? I cant wait to go we have been on a new ship and an older ship but cant wait to go on this oceanliner she looks magnificent!!! Please feel free to email me. thanks yvonne
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Default Re: Norway cabins

I sailed on the Norway in January for the first time, along with a friend
(his 1st cruise) and stayed in cabin P038, Pool Deck, upper & lower bunks.
When the cabin door was opened, there was a single 12" wide storage locker on the left, (not big enough to hold one person's luggage, let alone two) then the two bunks on the left. The entire "cabin" (walking space) was two feet wide, six feet long, and ended at the small nightstand. Right smack in the center of that narrow corridor was a television set on a pedestal! To get around the TV, we actually had to turn sideways, and stick our butt out to the left in the space between the lower and upper bunks! (this is the gospel truth!)
The tiny bathroom was to the right as you came in the door, (2 people could NOT be in there at the same time) and we found that if we wanted to sit & talk, one of us would sit on the lower bunk, looking at the other person who was in the bathroom sitting on the toilet! I'm not making this up!
To show you how much it bothered us, we are sailing AGAIN on the Norway
November 10th, (we booked the 2nd cruise while still on the ship in January) and WE CAN'T WAIT !!!
The Norway is such a wonderful ship that we couldn't care less about which cabin assignment we got. We still refer to cabin P038 as "THE BROOM CLOSET", and with great affection.
As most "frequent cruisers" already know, you do two things in your cabin - you sleep and you change your clothes. In P038, two people simply COULD NOT change their clothes at the same time!
` - still dreaming of Nov. 10
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Default Re: Re: Norway cabins

I love your comments. Makes me want to sail her some day, despite NCL.
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Default Re: Re: Norway cabins

What a wonderful story. I knew my first cabin on the Norway had to be small when I was directed down a small hallway just to get to the cabin door. I was excited about getting a penthouse cabin on this sailing until I found out these cabins were newer and may not have the old charm and class as lower categories. .
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Default Re: Re: Norway cabins

We are also going on Nov. 10th. I think our cabin is on the pool deck, it's an outside suite

Speaking of small....I sailed on the Starward in '94, our friends handled all the booking information.....still I was really shocked when I saw the 'size' of our cabin! := ) It wasn't as small as yours...the bunks were side by side. However, we really only used it to change and sleep.
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Default Re: Re: Re: Norway cabins

George, I found a photo of an upper/lower cabin on www.ss-norway.com. This site is
under construction but some areas are now available. The photo is under the cruise tips section - it has some great advise for anyone planning a cruise on the norway - all the good and the bad. We looked at this catergory as well but our dates only had cabins 88 or 110 sq. ft. available so we decided to upgrade to an inside room with a double bed at 143 sq. ft. The largest inside upper/lower I found were 121 sq. ft.
- cabins P001, P002, V232, N047 & N043. The outside upper/lower do have some larger ones - cabin V049 154 sq. ft., A030 132 sq. ft. , V008 130 sq. ft. I believe the smallest in this category can be 70 sq. ft. so we felt a guarantee in this category would not be a good idea for us. As you are booking well in advance maybe a larger cabin is available.
Hope this helps.
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David Dean
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Default Re: Re: Re: Re: Norway cabins

Lori-thanks for the great info on cabin square feet. I had booked N047 and N043, and had information that they were both 121 square feet, but later learned from NCL that they were actually only 72 square feet each. As a result we booked other cabins. Take care.
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al heinlein
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Default Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Norway cabins

i was in b210 in june and it was a good size, maybe 130 sq ft now im booked in b6 for 12/15/02 and i got a look in it in june . its a cat. o upper lower but im by myself and it has a porthole, looked to be about 110 sq ft. also been in v151 HUGE 300 something sq ft, the bathroom was as big as some cabins ive been in!
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