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81 User Reviews of Carnival Glory Cruise Ship

Carnival (Corporate) Doesn't Care About Their Passengers
Publication Date: December 31, 2016

We were scheduled to sail on Carnival Glory from Miami on Saturday, December 17, 2016. We were flying from Philadelphia to Miami. Our flight was scheduled very early and should have had us in Miami by 10am. Due to ice and snow along the entire Mid-Atlantic, Northeast and Midwest, very high numbers of flights were delayed. We stayed in contact with Carnival at least 5 times during the delay. The flight finally landed in Miami at 3:30 and immediately upon arrival we received a call from Carnival asking us if we were going to be taking the cruise or could they give our cabins away. We explained that we had just landed and was there any way the cruise could delay departure for 1/2 hour so that we and many others could make the ship sailing. We were told no, that the ship was leaving at it's 4pm scheduled time. We were also told that we would have to make our own arrangements to try to get to the first port of call.

We ended up having to spend almost $3,500 for hotels and last minute airfares to Grand Cayman. Upon

arriving on the ship, we found out that there were well over 100 passengers who missed the ship as we did. Most of which only missed the sailing by 1/2 or less. We also found out that the ship did not leave at 4pm but instead did not leave until 5:30pm. Carnival wasted no time calling us to try to give away our cabin but never bothered to call us to tell us that the ship was not leaving on time and that we could have made it to the port in time to board.

We called Carnival on Sunday, December 18th to confirm where we needed to go to and who we needed to see upon arrival in Grand Cayman. We were told by the representative that because the ship tendered in Grand Cayman as opposed to docking in Grand Cayman that we would not be able to board the ship there. We informed the representative that we had spoken to Carnival on 3 occasions on Saturday, December 17th and were assured all three times that we could board in Grand Cayman. The representative then informed us that we would not have been told that and that there was nothing she could do. After arguing with her for 20 minutes, we demanded to speak with a supervisor. After another 15 minutes, we finally got a supervisor. The supervisor told us that we might be able to board but she couldn't guarantee it. We demanded that the supervisor contact the ship and obtain confirmation that we would in fact be able to board the ship in Grand Cayman. After much back and forth, we did finally get the confirmation and instructions on where to go and who to see.

Upon arrival at the port in Grand Cayman, we spoke with Director of Guest Services, Wissint, who assured us that we would receive credit for our missed excursion in Grand Cayman, a refund of our the transfer fees that we had paid, credit for two days of the Cheers and Bubbles packages and free premium internet for all four of us. We asked if we would receive any type of refund for the two cruise days that we missed and we were told no. Wissint told us to come to Guest Services at 5 and he would take care of everything for us. We went at 5pm and were told that he was not available. We then spent two hours with another Guest Services Representative who told us he couldn't confirm that we would get any of what was promised and that he would have to send emails to the Fun Shop regarding the Cheers and Bubbles packages and the shore excursion people about refunds for the Grand Cayman excursion and to Wissint regarding the premium internet and someone else about the refund of the transfer fees. We were then told to come back later to talk to Wissint. At this point, we had missed any opportunity to get off the ship and see Grand Cayman, we had not had any opportunity to unpack or explore the ship and we missed dinner. When we went back to Guest Services, Wissint was again not available and Guest Services still did not have answers or any resolutions. We then spent another two hours at Guest Services trying to at least get the internet service resolved for our 20 year old sons. We were then also informed that we were being charged for double Bubbles package for one son , a single Bubbles package for my other son, a double Cheers package for me and a Cheers package for my husband. I had receipts confirming that I had only booked one Bubbles package for each son and , one Cheers package for myself. This mix-up resulted in an additional hour trying to get this issue resolved. With the terrible service and lack of efficiency at Guest services, we had now lost a third day of our cruise trying to get all of the outstanding issues resolved.

So now we have lost 3 days of a 7 day cruise and were then informed that the Belize excursion was canceled (the second one we had booked because the first booked excursion was canceled before we even got on the ship) and that there were no more open excursions that had 4 openings. Thus we only got to go on 2 of the 4 excursions that we had booked.

This was my 4th Carnival cruise and the disappointment is devastating. Our family vacation, the first in 10 years, and our birthday/anniversary celebration was ruined. With our boys graduating in two years, we had hoped to get back into cruising on a consistent basis and were looking for Carnival to be our go-to cruise company. After the way we were treated, I am not sure that we believe that Carnival truly has the best interest of their clientele at heart.

Please note however that, other than Guest Services which was horrible, the staff on the ship was wonderful. The ship itself was great and the food was very good. However, due to the way we, and many other passengers, were treated by Carnival itself, I do not think we will ever sail with them again,.

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Eastern Canada
Publication Date: June 3, 2012

Please be aware and leery of Carnival Cruise Line. They will advertise a 7 day cruise and if the cruise is cut to 6 days or less they won't refund you the difference. You talk with them on the phone or write to them all they do is give excuses for what took place. This is a criminal act of fraud and should not be accepted by anyone. If you decide to cruise with Carnival Cruise Lines please be cautious.

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Eastern Canada
Publication Date: June 10, 2010

My partner and I just got back from a 4-day cruise to New Brunswick, St John in Canada. I was excited for the cruise, and thought I would write a little article about it.

I found our cruise was OKAY. The ship offered LOTS AND LOTS of food, and LOTS AND LOTS of alcohol. The prices of the alcohol makes you sick to your stomach, so thats why you just order it and don't look at the receipt.

I recommend NOT going to St John Canada, as there is NOTHING to do, unless you pay an outrageous amount of money for an excursion, but even then they aren't that great.

The entertainment on the ship was not good at all. They had a few late night comedy shows, but honestly, that was about it. Most of the cruise consisted of music sitting in a bar on the itinterary....convenient. for them to get you in a bar.....I found out that this 4 day cruise is basivcally a booze cruise. Nothing to do but eat and drink. I don't think I will be going on this cruise again.

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: September 13, 2008

My wife and I just returned from our cruise on the Glory. This was our first, non-Texas cruise and our first time to cruise alone.

GETTING THERE: Our flights were uneventful, but when we arrived at Orlando, our luggage did not. Cheryl with Carnival was wonderful and assured us that if they did not make it on the next flight, they would fly them to Nassau for us. As I was going through security, she called me, (much to the disappoint of the security folks) and informed me my bags were on the way.

THE SHIP: I have been on the Conquest a few times and knew what to expect. The ship was clean and the balcony cabin was just as we had expected. Our cabin steward was very nice and did a great job all week. I would say that the Glory is not as decorated as the Conquest, but not sure if that is a bad thing. The one exception was at dinner. The room was rather bland compared to the Conquest. While waiting for dinner the first night, we encountered some rather loud and drunk passengers and as

fate would have it, they were to be our tablemates. We turned from the table and asked to be moved and were seated at a table for four which turned out to be just the two of us all week. We do not mind sitting with others and actually enjoy it, but this was very nice.

PUBLIC ROOMS: We spent some time in the disco, and the small bar where a jazz trio played. They were fun and well kept. The past guest party was very crowded but the drinks were free so it was fine. The content really needs to be redone. It is interesting the first time, but not so much now. The Lido buffet area was clean and we never had to stand in line long other than the chocolate gala. That was worth the wait though. The main lounge was more subdued than the one on the Conquest and I liked it better.

FOOD and Entertainment: The food was very good and although there was nothing new on the menu, we always found something to our taste. The portions were not smaller as I had read, and the service was great. We did eat one night at the Emerald room and had a blast there. The lobster bisque is outstanding. We only went to two shows, the second night, and the night that featured Justin Illusion. Thank God that there are alot of new cruisers to fill this shows, because I personally have grown tired of them. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the talent, but the feature singers are not that good and way too loud. Volume does not equate to quality. I wish they would turn down the sound and allow them to sing instead of scream. We love the dancers and always find them to be exciting. The illusionist was alright, but I would not go again.

EXCURSUIONS: In Nassau we went through Carnival to the dolphin swim at blue lagoon. A bit pricey if you had kids with you, but it was spectacular! I really never wanted to do this, but this was my wife's birthday cruise so I went along. Boy am I glad I did. At St. Thomas we went on a catamaran snorkle trip through an online company. It was very good. In St. Martin we went on a three island snorkle tour by power boat through the same company and it was an experience we will always remember. Wonderful water, guides and boat.

SUMMARY:The ship seemed to have an older crowd on board than what we are used to. This may have been because of the time of year, but it felt different. The process of disembarking was smoother than any other cruise we have experienced. They had lots of reps telling you where to go, and it kept the process orderly. It was a wonderful cruise and I would do it again anytime.

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: August 16, 2008

This was our second (and last) time on the Glory & 1st time with two teenagers. The teen club manager let them play truth or dare with physical contact and did nothing to stop this kind of activity. If you didn't participate in their activities he would call you "gay". Our teens didn't even like going there after the second day. Not enough alternate activity to participate in.

We paid extra to have a balcony room but were told on one of the days that we weren't allowed to go out on the balcony during that day so they could clean it.

I used to love being a part of the talent show but now they only let you audition to imitate one of their legends and no choice of song. It's okay, except they force you to wear wigs and ungodly outfits or you're out and they treat you like you're a diva if you dare ask not to wear the wig. (I was belittled and caught the costume person talking about me to another dancer). I paid a lot of money for 4 of us to do this,

I don't need to be imitated or belittled by some little ship dancer!

The ship's excursions were way overpriced. The Purser's desk would take calls while you were in line and then roll their eyes to the customers in line if the person on the phone didn't understand what they were saying.

Not only did I lose money in the laundry room but I lost money in one of the machines in the casino and the attendant just shrugged his shoulders and walked away!

Our head waiter was great but had to do twice the work of the second waiter and you can't change the ratio of their tips -- they are charged together. Best to take cash and have the tips taken off your room so you can tip the people who work hard and not the ones who don't. We did this but when we asked the Purser to change this, we got big attitude.

The Red, White and Blue contest was fun but when we went to our "rally" for the white team, as soon as I walked in, a dancer smeared white makeup on my face without asking! What if you're allergic? I had to go back to my room and wash it off and missed most of the fun part.

Don't fall for the "you can use your cell phone and computer" advertising. Oh you CAN use them, but at a high international roaming on the cell and you have to pay for wifi and can only use it in certain areas anyway.

This was my 12th cruise. I had already booked my 13th on Carnival this fall but not sure if I'll actually go. I think I'll cruise Royal Caribbean or Princess instead.

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Best Vacation Ever
Publication Date: January 13, 2014

I just went on a 7 day cruise through the Eastern Caribbean with my family as well as 5 others families we know, and I think that we could all agree that it was one of the best vacations ever!


The food on the ship was delicious!! We didn't eat anywhere where you had to pay more for, however. Guy's burgers are definitely worth trying, the burgers were messy but some of the best I have ever tasted!! I never got to try the tacos but other people from our group tried them and loved them! The breakfast buffet was very good and had something for everyone! Eating in the dining room was always a pleasure. They have some very different foods on the menu that you can try, and most of them I would recommend trying! If you try something and don't like it, they will give you a new meal!


We were supposed to go to Grand Caymen, however the weather did not allow us to.

Cozumel- Here we went swimming with the dolphins on a resort! Before swimming we were given a short tour and mini history lesson, which

was fun even for the younger kids! The weather was not wonderful when we were there however the experience was still outstanding! As we got ready to swim with the dolphins we were given a short lesson on the appropriate commands you could use on the dolphin then we were given life jackets and we headed out to the water. The dolphins were very nice an easy to work with!

Belize- Here we made the mistake of taking the wrong tour! It was 3 hours long and cost us $100!!! We were only taken through the crappy part of the island and the guide was very quiet and boring! Most of us actually fell asleep on the tour! If you go to Belize I would recommend signing up for an excursion through carnival!

Roatan- The boys in the family went zip lining and had a blast! They even ended up getting to go to the beach for free when I should have cost another $40 per person! Us girls got off the ship and right down the bridge was an area with a bunch of shops! We spent a couple hours there! It was a nice area and the prices were reasonable! We are already talking about taking a vacation back for a week next year!!!


The cabins are small and we had to have to desperate cabins for a family of 5. It was cheaper to get the two small cabins and we didn't spend much time in there anyway!! The stewards are so nice just like every other worker on the ship! Our room was cleaned twice each day! Once in the morning, where they would clean the bathroom, vacuum, and make the beds, as well as once at night, where they would turn down the beds, leave a towel animal, and reclean anything that needed it. Our cabin was on deck 2(one deck below the lobby). The boys cabin was in the middle of the ship and our cabin was way in the back. It was a long walk all the way back to our cabin but with all of the food we ate it was probably a good thing!


I didn't get to see any of the comedians but from what I heard, I didn't miss out on much!!

I saw every one of the playlist production shows and they were all amazing! I thing my favorite was either motor city or divas, however everyone of the shows had wonderful singing and dancing!!

David Lazarus was a solo act and sang in the lobby as well as on the lido deck! I loved listening to him! I went to everyone of his shows that I could! I also bought his cd at the end of the week! Not only was he an amazing singer, but he was also great to look at and very sweet!!

The kid clubs were fun for all of the kids! Circle C (12-14) was a lot of fun! The kids could just go there to play woo and hang out! Because of the age, they were allowed to come and go as they pleased! The club for the younger kids was also very fun however they are not allowed to leave whenever they want to. They have to have someone sign them out. I wish you could sign something saying that your kid can leave whenever they want!

There were plenty of places for the adults to hang out and grab a drink! I think my favorite hangout place was the piano bar on deck 5! It was fun for the teenagers on the group as well as the adults! There is a guy who sits at a piano singing and playing the piano. Then around him is a bar where you can sit and play instruments (maracas, cowbell, etc.) then there were couches and tables around the room! You could request songs for the guy to play and even go up and sing with him! There was also a small area for dancing!!

This was my favorite vacation so far an I was definitely not ready to leave!!

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: April 25, 2010

We arrived at the pier in Miami to board the Carnival Glory at 2:00 PM on April 25th, 2010. The porters were in full swing and were in an especially good mood and they even took the time to wrap the baby seat in plastic to keep it clean on its way to the cabin which impressed us. The "we" in this review refers to myself, my husband, our three daughters (19, 10 and 8 months) and my parents. I am platinum but rather than going our separate ways at embarkation we all went through the general embarkation line. The crowd control staffers in this area were excellent. However, the agent behind the counter was simply the least pleasant embarkation staffer I have ever encountered. There were some issues with our booking information because of an error made by the travel agent and then I had the audacity to be "platinum" and she had to go find my card in another area because I should have been in the VIP lounge and not in the general line with my extended family afterall as she said "you have a whole week

together on the ship, you can wait in separate lines". Other than Miss Personality at embarkation, the process was simple and uncomplicated and by 2:35 we were officially on the ship.

Accomodations: The cabins, one on the Main and the other on the Riviera, were immaculate and had clearly been recently renovated as there was not so much as a scuff, a mark, or discoloration anywhere in either cabin. The only issue was our cabin on the Main Deck and that was with the airconditioning, we were four in the cabin, including an infant and the room was sweltering, at arrival it was 82 degrees in the cabin and no air was moving. We cranked up the AC and later that evening when we returned we advised the purser of the continuing issue, no resolution. On Monday, we again advised the purser and when we returned to the cabin a card had been left saying that the issue was resolved but the room was still hot. On Tuesday, we spoke again with the purser, that night we removed all the bedding except for the sheets and we put the baby to bed in the buff. On Wednesday the issue continued and another little blue card arrived saying they fixed it but alas on Thursday we had the same issue, but they brought us a fan which was much appreciated and did help with the temperature. Across the hall from us, the guests were having similar issues except that their AC vents were spreading fine black particles over everything in their cabin. On the other side of us the guests were complaining that the AC was "knocking" and keeping them up at night. So all of that to say that the Glory has an AC issue towards the AFT on the Main deck, my parents had excellent AC one deck down and our tablemates had excellent AC one deck up. But the cabin was clean and comfortably accommodated four of us.

Staff: For the first time ever we formed absolutely no relationship with the cabin steward. We met him on day one when he introduced himself and brought us an infant life vest and never saw him again. He kept the cabin clean and tidy but did nothing extra and there were no special touches. We had three towel animals in 7 nights, waited two days for the laundry to be taken, and never received the requested extra pillows. My middle daughter was the most disappointed by this as historically it has been the cabin steward that has become her favorite member of the staff on each sailing. However, please note that we don't consider this to be a negative issue, it was just different from what we were accustomed to on previous cruises. Our dining staff was very friendly and congenial. However, the week before we arrived they had changed from 2 person wait teams to three person wait teams and as the guinea pigs of this experiment we experienced less than stellar dining room service. The desire to serve us well was definitely there and the three guys were lovely young men but every night it took 2 hours to eat and it grew frustrating as the week wore on. The one thing that I do have to say really wowed us on this cruise was the service delivery given by the Maitre'd's and their assistants. Never before have we had such incredible interactions with these individuals. Dragon especially was awesome, he answered endless questions from our ten year old in the dining room and brought her copies of her favorite recipes. On the Lido we saw him carrying trays for people who were having difficulties and we even saw him clean off a table for a family. He held our baby and made the rounds of the dining room every single night smiling, happy and efficient. This was the first time that we had ever tipped a Maitre'd and it was worth every penny. His staff seemed to like him very much and many of the past guests made mention of how involved he seemed at all levels, we were very impressed. The pursers were all friendly and wonderful and it amazed me that they were able to deal with hatefulness, rudeness and spite with grace and dignity and how it never impacted the service that the passenger next in line received.

Food: The food was very good and plentiful. The chocolate buffet was amazing. The Emerald Room is worth every penny of the $30 fee and we would do this again in a heartbeat. The introduction of a burrito bar was fantastic, we ate many burritos when we came back on board after a day in port and they were always wonderful. The fish and chips this time were just okay, they were outstanding on the Valor but the Glory just wasn't able to meet that same standard.

Entertainment: Hurrah to Carnival for having a comedy bar!!! We adored the multiple family friendly shows and even a couple of the adult shows. It was excellent to have a venue like that for those of us who are less interested in the typical bar party scene. The rest of the entertainment was good, but we have cruised many times and some of it was a repeat and for us, it is difficult to offer an opinion really that would do it justice.

Ports of Call: We were on an Eastern run and we stopped in Half Moon Cay, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico and Grand Turk, all places we had been before. In HMC, we were having a marvelous day until a sudden nasty storm came up and the beach was evacuated and everyone was sent back to the ship. The tenders had difficulty unloading passengers back onboard and the wait in the pouring rain didn't do much for the disposition of many of the passengers. The staff tried valiantly to get little kids off the island, despite jeers and nasty remarks from some adults and the security guards took some heat for guests getting wet. We personally took all this in stride, even our baby who was a little less than impressed with the weather but we all seemed to get the concept that Carnival doesn't control the weather. When the baby fell asleep in my arms on the tender and I had to carry her up stairs as the tender was heaving back and forth at the side of the ship, it was these same poor security guards who ran to assist me and ensure our safe arrival back on the ship, as they shivered in their drenched uniforms. In my opinion, they were excellent although some others would argue differently. We didn't buy any shore excursions this time around so we have no review for those.

Odds and Ends: I loved the fact that the Muster Drill did not involve life jackets!! WooHoo, this is a major improvement as far as I am concerned, no tripping over straps, no being surrounded by a life jacket that has been on someone else's sweaty neck and best of all no trying to keep your child from putting that disgusting whistle in her mouth!

But by far the biggest part of my review has to be the part that pertains to travelling with Baby. Our baby turned 8 months old on this trip and I have to say that all of the research, all of the worry and all of the concern about travelling with her was worry for nothing. She was the star on this cruise and we were so impressed. The staff loved seeing her each day and she had many many cuddles, smiles and treats from everyone. She acted as a substitute for many wait staff, housekeeping folks and security people who were lonesome for their own families. She willingly cuddled, smiled and played patta cake with any crew member who had the desire. She provided endless entertainment in the dining room where much to our glee on the fourth night when we arrived late to dinner our entire section of the dining room cheered at her arrival shouting her name and clapping their hands while she beamed from her stroller. She had a highchair in the dining room but by the time she made her rounds visiting from table to table as guests anxiously took their turn with the baby she rarely ever sat in her highchair. I am certain she was the most photographed person on the ship as she had her picture taken with easily 40 -50 other guests, one of which even crashed her photo shoot and insisted on having her formal picture taken with the baby. Our middle daughter exclaimed towards the end of the cruise "oh my gosh, what is Hannah going to do when we go home and her Glory Fan Club is not there?!?!" We were always aware of our surroundings and we were respectful of the other passengers, on rare occasions of fussiness we left the room, when she woke up early in the morning we went to the open decks and watched the sun rise and when she was fussy in the middle of the night we found a deck chair on the spa deck and counted the stars. With respect for others, lots of patience and a happy baby you really can have a wonderful cruise.

BTW, debarkation is the pain in the neck it always is. We take a leisurely approach to debarkation, have our breakfast, meet up with the luggage at some point later on and then leave the terminal. However, the hallways are filled with individuals who are trying to self assist with far too much luggage and people who insist on getting off before their luggage has been unloaded. This is frustrating to those of us who have cabins on the lower decks but alas, until you can fix people who choose not to follow instructions debarkation will always be a nightmare through no fault of the cruiseline.

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: August 22, 2009

We sailed "Glory" on August 22nd, and found the usual swift embarkation at Port Canaveral. We are Platinum, and that does make for quicker service, but we noted that the others got through the lines quickly also. The ship is spotlessly clean, and well maintained. Our inside cabin on deck 6, midship was quiet, clean and well maintained. We had truly outstanding service in the Platinum Dining room, with "Elena" as out waiter. She was #1, and left us wanting for absolutely nothing.

Food was very, very good, but beef wasn't quite up to par IMO. The cruise director, James Charlton was O.K., but not as good as some we've had in the past. Entertainment was superior, and the "comedy shows" which were an option almost every night were a great option that isn't normally available.

Big shows, and Carnival dancers and singers were GREAT. Seas were absolutely "flat", and we had no use for any meds for sea sickness at all. We've sailed lots, and didn't leave the ship during the entire cruise, so I can't speak to the ports. Upon return to Port Canaveral, the Platinum guests were asked to assemble

on deck three near the excursion desk at 7:15. We walked out of the terminal at exactly 8 A.M. A GREAT cruise!
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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: November 15, 2008

This was my very first cruise. I had a vague idea of what to expect, and lots and lots of advice from my mother, who was cruising with me. We left the world behind and boarded the Good Ship Glory on Saturday afternoon, going through the parking and luggage part with no hitches. (Fair warning: The long-term parking at Canaveral does not take American Express.)

The first day was busy, involved with checking in and running through the safety drill. The crew members who assisted with the drill were helpful and friendly, and it didn't take too long before we were back in our room, then touring the decks to check out the spa, the buffet on the Lido Deck (the Red Sail Restaurant), and everything else that was open before we finally set sail. I watched from our spacious balcony as we pulled out of Florida and headed south.

We had only one complaint, in that our dinner time was changed to the late 8:15 seating; but once we'd met the matre'd and our waiters on the first full night at sea, we liked them well enough that we dealt with

it. I have nothing but good things to say about Carnival Glory's wait staff. Our waiters, Made and Itekuk (I think I'm remembering how to spell that properly), were from Indonesia and always friendly, helpful, and eager to answer any questions we had, whether it was about the night's menu or their homelands. Each evening there was entertainment ranging from the delightful matre'd (Damon) singing for us, or pulling us out of our chairs to dance and sing with the wait staff.

The food onboard was very good, although I do admit I had been led to expect more. Still, I had nothing to complain about; meat was always cooked to order and excellently done, the pasta was fresh and always served just precisely cooked al dente, with flavorful sauces, and ALL the seafood was perfection. And the desserts, all the ones I tried, were absolutely incredible. I run out of adverbs to describe them, especially Carnival's signature Warm Chocolate Melting Cake. If you love chocolate like I do, this dessert is undeniable BLISS.

Each of the stops, Cozumel (Mexico), Belize, Isla Roatan (Honduras), and Grand Bahama, were all wonderful. Unfortunately (and this is nothing that Carnival could help), the weather at sea that week in November was cold, cloudy, and occasionally rainy. Still, there were always activities (often moved inside because of the cold), and every member of the entertainment staff went WAY above and beyond the call of duty to make sure we did, indeed, have fun on the "Fun Ship." I want to especially note Cruise Director Butch Begovich, who was a long, tall, powerhouse of unstoppable energy, and who I'd have loved to have actually had a chance to talk to (he was certainly approachable, but always surrounded by admirers and go-go-going!); he was smart, funny, sharp as a tack, and always ready to get the party started. If any one thing made this first cruise absolutely top-notch, it was Butch.

I don't recommend taking the shore excursion to Tulum on the Western Caribbean route; not that it wasn't enormously awesome, it's just that because of the length of time it takes to get there, the excursion is mostly travel -- by ferry from Cozumel to the mainland, by bus to the ruins, with only an hour at the ruins, then the trip back and just BARELY making it back to the ship before sailing. It was an awesome site, but the travel time and haste made it a little much (especially for my elderly mother, who's usually a bit of a powerhouse herself. But that excursion wore her out). In Belize we saw the City and the Zoo, and that I do recommend if you're an animal lover; very impressive zoo, and a little time to see the sights before tendering back (rumor had it Carnival is going to stop going to Belize because of the tender; I hope that's not true. It's a lovely stop). Roatan was one of the most beautiful places on the planet, and while Tabayana Beach was crowded, it was lovely. There wasn't a lot to do in Freeport, however, and I wish that our trip had stopped in Nassau (which everyone who's been there raves about).

Otherwise, I give Carnival, the Good Ship Glory, the Western Caribbean, and Butch Begovich and his entertainment staff two big thumbs WAY up.

I hope I get to cruise again soon!

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: September 27, 2008

We drove to Port Canaveral from Tallahassee on Saturday morning. This is the eighth cruise for my wife and I and third on the Glory. This was our first time on the eastern run. We traveled with friends from Panama City who were on their third cruise. We arrived at 11:00 am and had to wait for about 15 min to start unloading. Parking was $105 dollars which really hurts those of us on a budget. The lines were already forming but we were on the ship before 12.

I have read many Carnival Cruise reviews that give the impression that the Glory is showing its age, I disagree. The ship was very clean and well maintained. The crew was friendly and in good spirits. We headed up to the lido deck for lunch. My wife loves the fish and chips. She had knee surgery a couple of months ago and has trouble climbing stairs so when she saw nothing on the buffet she liked it was my privilege to get her first fish and chips of the trip. We then walked the ship for a short tour before heading to

our room. We had upgraded to an ocean view room a few weeks back when the price dropped and were very glad we did. We were in cabin 2446 which is in the port aft section of the ship. Our room was larger that the inside stateroom and we had a great view. This room was also close to the aft elevator which came in handy at times although it made for a long walk to the Amber Palace show lounge.

The cruise director for this trip was Butch Begovich. He was a blast. He did a super job. We dined in the Golden Dining room for the 6pm seating. We were at table 229 upper. This table is in the upstairs area next to the rail overlooking the main floor. Our waiters were Mario from Guatemala and Eddie from the Philippines. These guys were great. It does appear that Carnival has given the wait staff more tables to serve but these guys were more than up to the task. They cheerfully filled every request and spoke to us every time we saw them on the ship. We have had some great wait staff on previous cruises but these guys were the best.

Sunday – Nassau We arrived in Nassau at about 8am. It being Sunday m any of the stores were closed. We did not plan a shore excursion as we have been to Nassau several times. One of my medications was left at home by accident so we walked downtown to a pharmacy. It did not open until 10 am so we walked around and went in to the few shops that were open. When we retuned to the pharmacy I was able to get my medication at a great price. We then walked back to the ship for a round of hot tub and pool hop. The cover over the back pool was closed and we got a few showers. We pulled out at 2 pm and the word came later that two people hade missed the ship and would have to rejoin us in St, Thomas. It was formal night and captains cocktail party so we were dressed up early to have our pictures taken. At $20 each for 8 x 10 we take a bunch so that we can be picky. The show with the Glory dancers was great.

Monday – Fun Day at sea It was a beautiful sunny day to layout by the pool. I also took part in Butch’s disco line dancing class. It was super fun. It was then shown on the in house network about 500 times during the rest of the cruise. We also had dinner at the Emerald Room the upscale supper club. It is an additional $30 per person and there is a space for tipping. The prime rib, crab cake, Caesar salad and chocolate tart were scrumptious.

Tuesday – St. Thomas We have been to St. Thomas before. We booked a tour through again. Godfrey loves his island and always gives a great tour. You have to wait and go through the immigration procedure when you arrive. You wait on your floor to be called then go through the line on the promenade deck. Our friends floor was never called so we lost an hour of shopping. Godfrey dropped us off at Coki beach for two hours. We had brought our snorkels and rented a chair and umbella for $15. It was great.

Wednesday – St. Maarten This was our first time ever visiting this stop. It was beautiful there. This is a very mountainous island. We booked a tour with Exquisite Excursions through were we could take a jeep ride through town and then ride Rhino Riders- small raft like boats with 25 horse power motors on them. This was so much fun. Then we went snorkeling off the boat for about 1 hour. My wife doesn’t like small boats so the guide let her ride with her in the guide boat. After that we went got back in the jeeps and she took us to an area in town where we could get something to eat. This was an experience because they didn’t speak a lot of English and their menus were in French. They also use euros as their currency. We found a place to eat and got a hamburger and fries. The cost was around $18.00. After lunch our tour guide took us to Orient Beach to take pictures and then took us back to the ship. If we would have booked this cruise on the ship it would have cost us $180.00 each but with them it was only $109.00 each. This trip was great.

Thursday and Friday – Fun Days at Sea Thursday was a great day with lots of Sun. We spent time on the deck and then back to the water slide. I got tired of the slide – never! I did get tired of the walk up but not the slide. This was also the evening of the second formal night and the past guest reception. It was fun to get dressed up and take a few more pictures.

Friday was rainy but we took the opportunity to have some fun people watching in the casino. I am not a gambler but I am fascinated by those who spend so much time at the tables. I did put .50 in a slot machine and won $16. Walk away while you are ahead. This was also the night for my favorite desert – grand mariner soufflé. This in my humble but accurate opinion is one of the big three with warm chocolate melting cake and bitter and banc completing the big three. This is also the night we decided to self assist to get off the ship faster.

Saturday – Debarkation One last trip to the dining room for eggs Benedict at 6:30 am and then wait. We were just getting to the pier so we had time. We went back to the room to wait for our floor to be called and at 8 am they called the second floor. My wife took the small bag and the carry ons which left me with the BIG suitcase and the bag for the hanging clothes. I was pushing the stuff out the door of our cabin when it got stuck on the lip of the door. I gave it one final push and over I went. I flew over the bags and landed in the hallway. I swear there had only been 12 people in that hallway all week – now there were hundreds including a cabin steward who was now eating a towel to keep from laughing out loud. I did not enjoy the self assist but we were on the road by 8:30.

Closing comments – 1.There was a obvious outbreak of nor virus on the ship but there were no announcements. The staff was serving at the buffets and people were missing. 2. The band did a super job. The Mardi Gra parade and dancing for older folks was great. This was a fantastic cruise and Carnival still has the magic. Please email me at [email protected] for details on the shore excursions.

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