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1 User Reviews of Queen of the Mississippi Cruise Ship

Training Ground
Publication Date: May 4, 2015

Although this boat is relatively new, the quality for the price just isn't there. We took the cruise from Memphis to New Orleans, enjoying the ports but not the service or the mediocre food aboard the boat.

Apparently, the boat is used as a "training ground" for young people to learn service jobs for the hospitality industry. This cruise was quite expensive--not the time or the place to train personnel.

Food served was not regional overall and was often lackluster, without any special quality. Some so-called regional specialties were simply tasteless. For menu choices, we did not always get what we ordered. When served, the orders took so long, the food wasn't always even warm, which left it unappetizing at best. There were a few experienced quality servers, but their tables were in high demand, leaving other diners to cope with painfully slow and disorganized service.

I have never been to any restaurant where the order was changed--without notifying the customer of the change. Instead, the food was served with substitute items, such as salmon instead of lobster on a special type of eggs benedict. If I returned it to the kitchen, I would have

to wait an additional lengthy time period to get it back. And it may be incorrect yet again.

Other passengers apparently accepted this incompetence, but our standards are higher, especially considering the very high cost of this trip. Cabin service was another problem, with frequent failure to replace soiled towels and washcloths, even though placed on the floor, as instructed. I found the linen closet myself and occasionally replaced my own laundry supplies. Overall, I would not cruise with this line again. Value for your money does not exist on this boat.

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